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Lovely soft snow is such a deadly killer!

Lets step back for a minute. Imagine just for a few minutes if the whole global warming scare never existed, just imagine we had never heard of AGW. Now read the links below where record cold and snow is being reported. What would our response be outside of AGW.

It is quite possible we are being so blindsided by AGW that we are not seeing the danger ahead. If the current cold continues and deepens as nature and historical cycles say it will then every day we ignore it we do so at our peril. I’m not talking catastrophic cooling but enough cooling to get enough snow to paralyse cities, to reduce food production and to stop transport. We have seen in recent weeks in parts of the northern hemisphere. When this happens not only is there less food to go around but in highly centralised cities if you cant get food to people they will starve.

The point is it doesn’t take a lot of cooling to cause significant risks to our well being – and all the while our governments are throwing trillions at the global warming fraud! We are children of the tropics – we live in heat and heat our houses to tropical temperatures. The warm periods in earths history have been the golden eras when life flourishes – it is the cold that kills!

Snow falls in Rome, and in Florida. In the USA First time ever, snow on ground in 50 states!

More ongoing cold coverage at IceAgeNow and Global Freeze

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6 Responses

  1. Rereke Whakaaro says:

    Does the comment from American Thinker that all 50 states have had snow include Hawaii?

  2. […] Permet de prendre du recul pendant une minute. Imaginez juste pour quelques minutes si le réchauffement de la planète entière peur n'a jamais existé, imaginez que nous n'avions jamais entendu parler d'AGW. Maintenant, lisez les liens ci-dessous où le froid et la neige record est fait état. Que serait notre réponse soit hors de AGW. Il est fort possible qu'on nous [. . . ] URL article original: http://twawki.com/2010/02/13/lovely-soft-snow-is-such-a-deadly-killer/ […]

  3. Enzo says:

    it’s a good translation in french “neige molle belle est tel un tueur mortel”.
    I think that what we read here is the real truth that people start to see with their own eyes, I encourage them to read the truth instead of listening and accepting the things without really knowing what those induce consequently.

    • twawki says:

      Thanks Enzo. Yes its hard to ignore the cold. How are you coping with it?

      • Enzo says:

        With patience, even if for a lot of people believing in “Global Warming”, the winter shouldn’t exist. Anyways, people start to think differently and start to see the reality, “Global warming” is an excuse to establish news taxes. A simplistic vision summarized in a reality which we undergo in this time : The lies compared to an evident reality.

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