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No global warming since 1995

Chief UN IPCC scientist Jones admits no global warming since 1995. More here

This means the ‘warming period’ lasted only about 20 years from the late 70s to mid 90s.

This correlates with solar grand maximum (see figure 2) and warming PDO.

New reports out that CO2 amplification is less than thought.

Conclusion – warming for this short period was mostly natural and not caused by man.

Can we have our money back now please.

Rumblings from mother earth, JoNova on Phill Jones, Boulton Associate Archives, The Air Vent, Pajama media, Al Gore call your agent!,

Update on Phil Jones at WUWT; Quote from WUWT as follows;

  • Neither the rate nor magnitude of recent warming is exceptional.
  • There was no significant warming from 1998-2009. According to the IPCC we should have seen a global temperature increase of at least 0.2°C per decade.
  • The IPCC models may have overestimated the climate sensitivity for greenhouse gases, underestimated natural variability, or both.
  • This also suggests that there is a systematic upward bias in the impacts estimates based on these models just from this factor alone.
  • The logic behind attribution of current warming to well-mixed man-made greenhouse gases is faulty.
  • The science is not settled, however unsettling that might be.
  • There is a tendency in the IPCC reports to leave out inconvenient findings, especially in the part(s) most likely to be read by policy makers.

Australian Climate Madness,

Should Al Gore be indicted on fraud?

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3 Responses

  1. handjive says:

    You are too kind Twawki.
    We want the money back and, goal time for all who pushed this fraud.
    Due diligence is required & expected from our elected representatives and all (save one or two brave souls), have failed that basic requirement and/or, are complicit in an pursuing some hidden agenda.
    Any journalists who have failed in their charter should also be held accountable and banished from their chosen field at the very least.
    The battle has a way to go as many ‘powerful’ people have invested in the carbon market making it ‘too big to fail’. They will not give up easily.
    These carpet baggers & hucksters must be held accountable as well.
    Voices like yours help. Thank you.

  2. twawki says:

    Thanks Handjive, yeah agree totally – people are realising whats going on but the AGW monopolies and policies are yet to be brought down and those responsible held accountable yet day by day the AGW edifice crumbles. All we want is fair and true government for all, by the people and for the people.

    Thanks for your encouragement, we are all part of a team on this 🙂

  3. […] Chef de l'ONU scientifique du GIEC Jones n'admet pas de réchauffement de la planète depuis 1995. Plus d'informations ici, il s'agit de la «période de réchauffement" ne dura que 20 ans après la fin des années 70 au milieu des années 90. Cela est en corrélation avec grand maximum solaire (voir figure 2) et PDO réchauffement. De nouveaux rapports que l'amplification de CO2 est inférieur à la pensée. Conclusion — réchauffement pendant cette courte période [. . . ] URL article original: http://twawki.com/2010/02/14/no-global-warming-since-1995/ […]

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