The world as we know it

Denialgate continues

As most of the northern hemisphere freezes the only thing that seems to be heating up is denial in the climate alarmists camp. Again rather than factually and scientifically assessing the ongoing daily blunders of their ‘AGW theory’ being exposed as rubbish all they can come back with denial. Somehow they don’t seem to realise that this not only proves their lack of credibility but extends it!

Saying that the inquiry is independent when it is stacked with climate alarmists

None have links to the UN IPCC,

Only one or two legitimate errors in climate alarmism have been found;

Real climate, real crap,

The alarmist climate ‘science’ is sound

Zombie thermometers killing a cooling near you, Fire and brimstone thermometers are ok, UN IPCC underestimates sea ice increase by 50%,

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