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At what point is Penny Wrong Wong Australia’s minister for climate Change accountable for her ongoing lies, climate alarmism and misleading the public. In a speech today reminiscent of her ongoing barrage of garbage she says;

It is “possible that with climate change, and without large and expensive nourishment programs Bondi Beach, Sunshine Coast and Bells Beach may no longer be the beaches we know today.” Gee Penny so how possible – 1% possible? 2% possible – because something is possible does not mean it is likely. And where is the science to support your alarmism? Totally absent it seems. Of course its going to cost us a LOT more – you wouldn’t be bleating like chicken little unless you thought you could screw the Australian people more than you already have!

She also thinks that Copenhagen was an “important and welcome step toward an effective global agreement on climate change.” Funny Ms Wrong Wong the rest of the world had a totally different view and sees Copenhagen as an absolute disaster.

And then she claims that the UN IPCC 2007 report was the “single most exhaustively reviewed scientific document ever produced” Gee Penny again no facts to support your claims! What IPCC 2007 is however is an ongoing trail of errors in the report, junk science and quite frankly fraudulent claims – no wonder you back it so eagerly!. Funny scientists are calling for the IPCC to be scrapped!

If Labor’s Ms Wrong Wong is anything like Labor’s Peter Garrett whose failed policies have caused 4 deaths, a litany of house fires and a multi million dollar review of all houses insulated (and now it seems there are similar issues with solar panel installations) then it would seem the Australian Labor Party does not believe in any sense of accountability and she will remain ‘safe’. Why does Peter Garrett still have a job? Appallingly however if you ran a business like they run government you would be behind bars already.

Ms Wrong Wong cant see the big picture, Penny Wrong Wong and Boulton – peas in a pod, Penny Wrong Wong is not happy, Penny Wrong believes in the climate fairies, Eilperin and Wrong Wong could teach each other a thing or two, Penny Wrong Wong and Oceangate dupe,

Ms Wrong Wong a word of advice;

Green exaggeration and lies destroys governments!

Reality check Penny, Wrong Wong lies, 10 Wong reasons to tax us!

Time to start jailing the green fraudsters!

UAE – destroying its own credibility and reputation

Global warming – whats credibility got to do with it!

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3 Responses

  1. Marathon Simmo says:

    Spot on! Not wrong about Wong!! If the Federal Labour Party maintain their ridiculous stand and go to the next election retaining Climate Change issues as a key element of their platform, I believe they will lose & lose badly. The Australian public have woken up to the deception and will have no part of it! Time for a change & breath of fresh air!

  2. Enzo says:

    I see we have all a “Penny Wong” to show us how to think and how to react, but fortunately we know how to react when we have facts instead of lies. Well written Twawki.

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