The world as we know it

The trials of the eco elite

Back to Bali they go to lavish it up again at our expense both now and in the future. In must be such a hard life living in such unbridled luxury whilst trying to decide how to impoverish the world. I wonder if they have to pay eco guilt as well. Somehow I think not!

Trading in hot air  – why the powers that be desperately dont want the carbon market to fail, and why the US media continues to ignore climategate.

75 Reasons to be skeptical of global warming, How Al Gore wrecked the planet! Climategate just the tip of the iceberg, UN IPCC – International pack of climate crooks.

The hypocrisy of big green and their looming war with little bloggers.

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  1. […] Retour à Bali, ils vont à prodiguer à nouveau à nos frais, maintenant et à l'avenir. Dans une telle doit être dur à vivre la vie comme un luxe effréné, tout en essayant de décider de la façon d'appauvrir le monde. Je me demande si ils doivent payer la culpabilité écologique aussi. Certaine façon, je ne crois pas! Trading [. . . ] URL article original: http://twawki.com/2010/02/22/the-trials-of-the-eco-elite/ […]

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