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The obscenity of the Australian Labor Party

It seems the Australian Labor Party has absolutely no scruples when it comes to spending our hard earned money.

$2 billion for a flawed insulation program that has so far killed 4 people, seen almost 100 houses catch fire and put thousands of homes at risk. Despite prior repeated warnings to the government by legal and construction experts all was ignored including the reports they themselves commissioned. Now the government is spending more tens of millions to audit the mess, untold more millions to fix the mess and then another $41.2 million of our money to compensate those hard done by the incompetence of the Australian Labor Party. Suggestion – how about Federal Labor pay this out of their Political Party Funds and sell a few of their assets. They f%cked up big time, which they have now admitted and so how about they use their own money to fix the mess instead of our own!

Then we have the $billion school scam where schools were forced to choose to have facilities they either didnt need or already had, to be built where playgrounds would be destroyed at a cost claimed to be up to 10 times more than what the market would have paid. The whole debacle was again run by the government paying obscene sums to big business to deliver in many cases something that wasnt needed.

Then there is the Internet censorship program which the government is hoping will work better than the $250 million it used to bribe the TV networks. Under the net filtering its claimed that its for our good but you watch anyone critical of the obscene labor party quietly disappear off the net. The only thing sure about this government is their appalling appetite for spin believing that the Australian public is so dumb they wouldn’t notice their childish behavior – again at our cost.

The gross incompetence, the absolute spin and lies, the corruption and refusal of responsibility adds up to what many are calling the most appalling government in the history of Australia.

Oh – if you have any subscriptions to the MSM who continue to pander to K Rudd’s lies now is the time to cancel and let them know why. It would also be pertinent to contact any of their advertisers and tell them you will not buy from them as long as they advertise in such appalling publications.

Global warming – time to get angry

The scam side of global warming

Billion dollar scum

However we are, as a nation, witnessing one of the most gross episodes of mishandling of the public money and the public trust in recent governments history.

K Rudd’s solution to wasting taxpayers money – spend even more money. He wants to create another department and even more bureaucracy! At what point can the government get to the limit where we simply cannot pay back the totally useless debts they keep raking up!

‘Everyone is entitled to be treated fairly by government,’ Commonwealth Ombudsman Professor John McMillan said. ‘My office plays a vital role in ensuring that happens by taking an active interest in accountability, transparency and integrity in government decision making and service delivery. …. Funny the Ombudsman seems to be totally silent on Labor’s appalling mismanagement!

Taxpayers Australia which calls itself the Taxpayer Watchdog is also appallingly silent!

Media watchdog seems to be distracted by nudity to not care about media and governance

Gee so many self imposed NGOs fiddling with their own self importance while Rome Australia burns! They’re sinking to the same level as the Press Council who wouldn’t know what bias and obfuscation was even if they got hit by a train full of it!

What about the house of representatives – isnt it meant to be the Government Watchdog!

DEMOCRACIES depend on oversight by effective parliaments. Parliaments must be independent from the government of the day and must have the resources to scrutinise the government through legislation, expenditure and policy making.

Yeah the government is screwing the Parliament but where is the Parliament’s voice over Labor’s appalling state of affairs?


On brighter news Met Office proposes verifiable data set. Sounds good but we still have climate crooks running the show so of course I am skeptical. Theres a lot of that global warming still falling,

We pay to fix what they broke!

Breaking news – WAKE-UP call to our political cronies – at least 10% of Sydney is listening now listening to those who stand up to your corruption – Alan Jones averages 191,000 listeners and Ray Hadley not far behind! K Rudd and yr comrades – you are facing electoral oblivion!

More PM incompetence – now he needs his ministers to do what his staff should have. More wasted time and resources. Please dont put a paper bag over K Rudd’s head he wont be able to get out of it!

More news on this appalling political party

This incompetence is symptomatic of left leaning politics

The AP Frankenstein


Some political blogs on wordpress; Urbandissent, Lacking moral fibre, City on a hill, Bring back strewth, BNE politcal blog,

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  1. […] Il semble que le Parti travailliste australien n'a absolument aucun scrupule quand il s'agit de dépenser notre argent durement gagné. 2 milliards de dollars pour un programme d'isolation défectueuse qui a déjà tué 4 personnes, vue de près de 100 maisons de s'enflammer et de mettre des milliers de maisons à risque. En dépit des avertissements répétés avant au gouvernement par juridiques et [. . . ] URL article original: http://twawki.com/2010/02/24/the-obscenity-of-the-australian-labor-party/ […]

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