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Is the blogosphere replacing the increasingly discredited MSM?

As the MSM has fallen from investigative journalism to the gutter level of lobbyist spin and doctoring by a predominantly left wing crowd it seems the growing disenfranchisement with this behaviour is seeing people turn to the blogosphere in droves with some blogs (eg WUWT) starting to rival the MSM in audience.

Governments and educational institutions are starting to take notice simply for the fact that the public that they treated as fools is taking it upon themselves to get educated and armed with information is questioning the ivory towers.

Clive Hamilton – one way to turn people off the ABC, UN IPCC hypocrisy continues, Hypocritical Pachauri day of reckoning looms large, Is the internet dividing America?, Pachauri waste deep in sh*t, Carbon legislation becoming an anathema to votes, War of the words!,

Bishop Hill on blogs and anonymity and the appalling behaviour of climate cultists.

Lights about to go out in Britain, Big oil pushes global governance and climate catastrophe, Government doublespeak persists with lies,

Another monster blizzard headed for the states. The only disaster area is your bank balance!

If carbon dioxide didnt warm us in the late 20th century then what did?

Exposing the new world order,

The new extinction – temperature stations

What catastrophe?

Clueless Wrong Wong will never get it right

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5 Responses

  1. handjive says:

    Hi Twawki,
    A bit of a late comment on your post here but, in relation to your link titled:
    Lights about to go out in Britain, on the Ch 10 5pm news Sydney, Mon 22/2/10, there was a short item announcing that by 2014/2015, NSW would ‘run out’ of electricity as demand outstripped supply.
    I have searched the CH10 news site but cannot find a reference or a link unfortunately.
    It also said we can expect blackouts leading up to the date.

  2. twawki says:

    “Without massive taxpayer or private sector investment, NSW risks running out electricity by 2014 – with a catastrophic impact on the State’s economy, businesses and residents.” said Hon Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Chamber of Commerce.

  3. handjive says:

    Thanks Twawki,
    I was telling some friends about it but they don’t believe anyone they voted for would do this to the country.
    Thanks for the link.

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