The world as we know it

Green vote starting to freefall!

When we have been warmed that the earth has a fever and we must contribute trillions now before the tipping point of this catastrophe caused by man you would think the green vote would be skyrocketing. Not so says the punch;

Greens struggling to grow in heated climate!

Guess post Climategate and Carbonhagen the wheels have fallen off – especially as record cold has smitten the northern hemisphere. The science is settled and debate is over mantras all of a sudden are seen for the appalling lies they are and as public support for the AGW scam plummets those with their hands in the green cookie jar and riding on the green gravy train are spluttering to be heard, desperate that they have rightly lost any sense of credibility.

Doesnt stop them demanding billions more while they frantically try and salvage their junk science!

Labor wipeout ahead!, K Rudd’s green vote, Another green alarmist ‘COULD”,

UK on election alert, What to do with Barbara!

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2 Responses

  1. Enzo says:

    The need for money is as a means of saying as they as well seek a fault to make adopt their lies… In the northern hemisphere, the question of the warming of the Earth becomes a center of interests a little more looked at.

    The fact that certain countries know unusual phenomena such as storms of winds, of the winters increasingly rude, the low temperatures records, does nothing but prove that climate warming is a lie which needs money to exist and become a general truth.

    The pride is of setting, to recognize their twist, is a thing that many governments are not ready to admit, to actually divert a lie is more in their practices, not to lose the regard of their electors.

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