The world as we know it

Making money out of climate fraud while killing others in the process.

Al Bore, Pachauri, Hansen etc – eat your hearts out – while you guys profit obscenely from your climate alarmist lies others are listening to you and taking their lives. In an appalling tragedy a family suicided this week over climate alarmism. Guess when you guys see the dollar signs the human tragedy behind it is inconsequential. But then I guess this will be nothing compared to the fuel poverty and increase in cold deaths you guys will be responsible for.

The IPCC is wrong and the ‘science’ is NOT sound

The millions spent on recruiting 100,000 climate activists around the world

Polar bear politics

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4 Responses

  1. Enzo says:

    I still believe : “giving money to those people, it’s alike to give them a power to lie, to hate… And definitely the power to abuse us”

  2. Marathon Simmo says:

    Sadly, I too share your views here. Simply giving money (our tax dollars) away under this false pretext to less developed economies (who do indeed our help and support) only leads ultimately to lining the pockets of a few at the top at the expense of the majority at the bottom of their society. A more sensible approach would be to help get new and innovative industries established so they can improve their own patch and ultimately compete in the world community.

    • twawki says:

      Agreed – most of the money would go to despots under the climate guilt/ eco debt proposals by the UNIPCC. And most of the money wasted so far on the green scams is on green bureaucracy – very little has actually gone into planting trees or green technology.

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