The world as we know it

Tasmanian data deletion

Again the warmaholics are selectively adjusting what data they use it seems to ensure the ‘warming trend’ is adhered to.

In Tasmania the 25 or so recording stations used for the global temperature record are reduced to 2 urban stations from 1992 onwards (for six years). Then an additional 2 coastal stations – warmer ones were added from 1998 onwards.

No wonder the climate science industry is in such a parlous state when its behaviour is so appalling. No wonder they refuse transparency when they know they are cooking the books. No wonder they are angry when caught out and try and divert attention and make out and resort to ad hominen attacks on skeptics.

More here at agmates and greeniewatch

Phil Jones caught out lying – again!, variations in CO2 measurements, Tomato cold, UAH temperature variations.

No food security without energy security, no energy securitywith green policies.

Al Gore exposed again!

Calls for resignation of chair in co-climate group

Scandal proves climate change is nothing but a con

Investigation reveals climate scientists arn’t telling the truth

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