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The Australian Press Council – 2 – Media watchdog or UN lapdog?

The Australian Press Council – 2 – Media watchdog or UN lapdog?

Twawki. The Australian Press Council 1 – with or without climate prejudice?

For many of us we have never heard of the Australian Press Council (which probably says enough in itself) let alone know who the people are who make it up. Yet when the MSM has such a huge (though decreasing) impact on the daily lives of most Australians it is perplexing that this self appointed ‘watchdog’ rarely has a bark let alone a bight. This is even more perplexing particularly when the press seems to have descended in recent years into a pit where investigative reporting is almost extinct. So much for the watchdog defending the quality and rights of journalism and free speech!

So who is the Press Council? The Press Council is made up of the chairman, vice chairman, 8 industry members representing various publications, 7 public members, 2 journalists, 2 former editors a MEAA member and Executive secretary. Typically a total of 15 attend meetings and the appointment of the latest members was in November 2009.

Chairman and public members biographies are here Journalists and editor members here. Industry members and alternates here. Professor Ken McKinnon was the retiring chair.

The Press Council says it makes representation on free speech issues but where in its history (at least over the last 2 decades – that’s 20 very long years) has it ever spoken up and out about free speech with regards one of the greatest ‘moral’ challenges of our day and that being the suppression of scientific skepticism over AGW. We have witnessed repeated, ongoing appalling examples of climate journalism where highly selective alarmist opinion pieces are repeatedly portrayed as fact, and baseless climate alarmism is paraded across the front pages of national publications. The Press Council’s deafening silence as an advocacy body on the overwhelming bias in the MSM (main stream media) particularly with regards fair and equal reporting on AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is simply appalling.

As a one sided, unproven view of the climate has been pushed to the complete disregard of facts and scientific method this group has twiddled their thumbs and sat in their meetings chatting over tea and biscuits, and all the while the world goes to hell in a green basket. Likewise as the Copenhagen treaty and the new world government loomed large in late 2009 – did the Press Council speak up about the need for the media to discuss and debate democratic freedoms, freedom of speech, civil, national and sovereign rights? No – again their silence was astounding and self condemning, even more so when a number of the Press Council board members head major publications around the country. By their inaction and apathy on free and fair speech around the climate debate they have condemned themselves to historically be remembered with derision as those who claimed to have an important voice yet refused to speak out about media bias that threatened the basic freedoms of our society. As trillions of dollars are still being being wasted through climate alarmism on a non existent warming problem to provide a non existent cure then this group of politicised individuals have shown their obligation to society was and is willfully ignored.

Repeated complaints to the Press Council about media bias over climate alarmism have been blithely dismissed by the Press Council’s Executive Secretary Jack Herman as he subjugates climate skepticism as against ‘the consensus’  and therefore to be disregarded. At no point does Mr Herman raise the issue of free speech and the right of both sides to have a voice. As he backs the one sided behaviour of the ABC in its selectivity and censorship it is clear this Organisation is not interested in behaving in a manner in any way even close to protecting the freedoms it claims are so dear.

If the Council is simply about supporting the political views of the UN then they need to make it clear on their website and in their constitution because otherwise they could be charged with seriously misleading the public. If they don’t take their duty of care to the Australian public to have freedom of thought, voice and expression then what are they there for except to condone these appalling practices. Due diligence surely on their part would have ensured that would at least have an independent bipartisan approach instead of simply settling for the political status quo and relegating themselves as nothing more than UN stooges. Maybe they could teach the mainstream media a lesson in that if the media wants to know why its losing credibility then maybe its because it is no longer credible – just like the Press Council!


I have emailed the above to Mr Julian Disney at info@presscouncil.org.au seeking a response as follows;

Mr Julian Disney
The Australian Press Council

Dear Sir

The following article I have posted on my blog. I would appreciate it if you would care to respond. As the Press Council has a history of bias when it comes to the reporting of AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) I ask, under your chair is this situation going to continue?



Update; 3 days now and not a peep from the Press Office or Mr Disney on this!

A history of climate alarmism – please feel free to add as many examples as you can in the comments section on biased MSM climate alarmism;

It would be difficult for the media to do a worse job of climate change coverage

159 years of climate alarmism at the NYT, The 12 c’s of climate alarmism

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Climate wars in world bank, Climate alarmists pose real threat to freedom,

UN IPCC junk science; wildfires, ignored 3x, Alarmism grossly overstated, UN IPCC exaggerations continue

The evidence – what evidence?,

Right to know – seems like the media is as bad as the government!

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5 Responses

  1. handjive says:

    Hi Twawki,
    Just reading this post & have TV on, watching Lateline,10/3/10.
    It has story reporting ABC Chairman, Maurice Newman telling the ABC it has NOT given equal & unbiased reporting on AGW, with favour given to pro AGW, whilst resorting to derision & name calling of any opposition.
    The ABC rejected this view.

    • twawki says:

      Thanks Handjive, yeah I think thta’s part of the problem they cant see that they are doing anything wrong – it’s like a dogmatic religious view of the universe.

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