The world as we know it

The rise and fall of climate alarmist lies!

The ongoing litany of lies from the green bureaucracy that is continually decimating billions of our tax dollars to create even more useless green bureaucracy to control how we live our lives. These eco elites who have swindled hundreds of billions of our money claim somehow that those skeptical of their baseless alarmism are funded by big oil yet;

From WUWT – Quote;  “the reality is that skeptic scientists maintain their intellectual freedom at significant risk. Funding routinely dries up; tenure is denied them; ad hominem attacks of the most vicious variety are launched against them from the Ivory Tower of academia, from the studios of multi-billion dollar news organizations, and from the bully pulpit of government“.

Also in Climategate we saw  skeptical scientists have been excluded from publishing and have had their reputations trashed, just like the eco elite still try and do to anyone who wants to question their phony fabrications about the climate. It’s all about the money and if you wonder why now and in the future that you are a lot poorer simply look to the green movement!

The great green fraud,

But even if you exclude the skeptics who are fighting from the truth – what are the big energy and oil companies really doing?

From RealClearPolitics; the Left “and environmentalists love to whine about special breaks for corporations, and they work themselves into paroxysms of paranoia about how big corporations propagandize against action on climate change. The reality is exactly the opposite: GE, DuPont, British Petroleum and countless other big corporations routinely propagandize in the other direction, largely to win governmental support they don’t need“.

Seems like the only thing sure about the Greens and the Left is they are lying swindlers who will say anything to play the victim and get your money whilst at the same time increasing the amount of laws that you have to abide by.

Requiem for green dreams, WWF/UN IPCC caught out fabricating more lies! The daily gut

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  1. cbullitt says:

    And just to make sure the swindle is perpetuated…


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