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One wonders how credible the BoM temperature data is as the basis of a climate report such as that releaed by the CSIRO+BoM today. For example, if we look at the stations for rural Queensland, we see that there are 112 stations, of which 55 (49%) are airports and 12 (11%) are Post Offices (generally the centre of town).

Similarly, for rural NSW we see that there are 180 stations, of which 65 (36%) are airports, while 19 (11%) are post offices. And this doesn’t include stations which are noted as RSLs, Hospitals, Street addresses, etc.

So – apparently the CSIRO+BoM would have you believe that data consisting of a preponderance of airports and post offices is representative the climatic data for the greater Australian land mass? Small wonder their temperature readings keep going up.

The Australia Meteorology act 1955

According to the above link in 2004/2005 the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) had an annual budget of around $204 million dollars, employed around 1400 people (full and part time),with salaries ranging from about $32,000 to over $130,000 plus bonuses, performance payments, fringe benefits etc.

One of the goals of the Bureau as stated in their report was as follows; “The Bureau continues to promote the benefits of improved information and knowledge on the variability and extremes of Australia’s climate in relation to sound economic, social and environmental management“.

The linked report above claims “NUMBER OF FOI REQUESTS – The agency did not receive any applications pursuant to the FOI Act. There were no appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal“.

Within 4 years (by 2008/2009) their annual funding had increased to $272 million dollars, – a massive increase of $68 million dollars over 4 years (approx. 34% increase). During this time their staff had increased to around 1500 people (approx. 100 people or 7% more), with salaries ranging from $36,000 to more than $145,000 (approx. 8% more).

The BOM claims to have fully operational observing stations (p12) as follows:
• 50 upper-air;
• 860 synoptic (including automatic weather stations);
• 7,500 rainfall;
• 25 drifting buoys;
• 100 voluntary observing ships;
• 8 Argo floats;
• 15 tide gauges;
• 745 river height;
• 63 weather watch radars;
• 18 satellite ground;

• 8 solar & terrestrial radiation;
• 5 total ozone;
• 2 ozone profile;
• 1 Baseline station;

So with all the extra money and all the fully operational stations did we get an increase in data or predictive accuracy? No we got a huge manipulation of station data to fit a green alarmist AGW agenda. Hundreds of millions squandered not on science but on a green religion. Shame BOM shame! Where are our politicians acting to reign in this appalling abuse of taxpayers funds?

Only one mainland rural site (Cape Leeuwin) that has continuous data from the 1930s to the present (comment 6)

Tasmania data deletion – records from 25 stations reduced to 2, then increased to 4.

Darwin records artificially adjusted by over 2 degrees celcius up! (see pic above from WUWT). More here

BOM does not use warmer records pre 1910

BOM adjusting the facts to get the alarmism, BOM alarmism continues

It’s ironic that as BOM keeps predicting the hottest years on record and never ending droughts here we are now in flood – as would reasonably be expected by anyone who discards the natural climatic cycles in favour of easily manipulated climate modeling alarmism! Yet for any rational person following natural climate cycles the current cooling and wetter decades we have begun is to be expected.

Idiotic comment of the day – David Jones BOM, BOM backs down on alarmist claims, Warming alarmism – avoiding reality, BOM wrong again this time in Alice, Bom alarmism continues,

2nd Idiotic comment of the day;

DAVID KAROLY, UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE: Temperatures have dropped a very small amount since 1998, both in surface temperatures and in atmospheric temperatures measured from satellites. But that doesn’t mean that global warming has stopped.

The natural cycle of hurricane frequency and intensity. Greenwashing the eco-useless,

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