The world as we know it

Energy feast or energy famine?

A recent post in EU referendum brings highlights the changing nature of energy supply. The energy industry far from reaching a tipping point of shortages seems, due to new exploration, science and conservation to be coming into an era of abundance. More here

Meanwhile the Government backed windmill schemes are proving exorbitantly expensive to supply an intermittent low amount of energy that is almost fascicle. More here These wind farms also end up being bird choppers, legally killing all the endangered birds the rest of us would be thrown into prison for if we so much as plucked a feather from their head.

Meanwhile the gap between our growing populations and energy supply looms large with blackouts, brownouts, supply shortages and the like ahead. As the greens continually block the building of cheap reliable power in many countries and instead try and force expensive intermittent power supplies our economies are going to grind to a halt. The economic effects of this are potentially catastrophic – you cant run a business if you don’t have the energy to power it!

Economic impacts of renewable energy – the German experience

Salient comment from EU referendum here

Climate alarmists arrogance in defeat, Everyone is over the mann, The Obama socialist and capitalist struggle,

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