The world as we know it

Is wind power simply all hot air!

Gives a new meaning to the phrase windburn!

New research out of MIT says wind power causes land temperatures to heat up. MIT media relations reports; “In a paper published online Feb. 22 in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Wang and Prinn suggest that using wind turbines to meet 10 percent of global energy demand in 2100 could cause temperatures to rise by one degree Celsius in the regions on land where the wind farms are installed”. So while the greens/left are pushing us into this hugely expensive, unviable source of intermittent energy in order to stop global warming we find that wind turbines are actually exacerbating it!

In other developments research by power company officials reveals  wind power increases CO2 because more power stations are required to be built to offset their unreliable performance.

And this is on top of Spain finding them a failure, as has Germany. They are ugly, monstrous, expensive and kill birds.

It’s not surprising then then that wind power contracts are being canceled. This nonviable, unreliable and un-environmental source of energy has wasted far too many billions of our money and resources – all at the green/left’s insistence. Pity they couldn’t have done the research first before they got on their propaganda bandwagons.

Wind farms produced almost no electricity during Britain’s cold snap!

True believers don’t believe in facts,

Some of the grassroot groups against wind power;

Turbineaction, Moorsyde Action group, No wind farms!, No wind farms at Parnham, No Whinash windfarms!, Stop the wind farm,

Get a load of this beauty – windpower 747!!!

Manipulating history to fool and tax the masses, Direct evidence the claimed warming is a fabrication, What the public really thinks of global warming, Our hot dry future is being flooded out, Claim after claim, alarmist prediction after alarmist prediction has failed to come true, Biofuels increase CO2, Obama – President of the depressed and depression, Alarmist attempting to fight back with their usual armory of lies,

Yet another senior position granted to a climate alarmist!

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  1. […] previously here where the wing span of wind turbines can equal the wing span of a 747 […]

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