The world as we know it

Gores criminal generation

Gores criminal generation – lots more here

A perfect storm is brewing for the UN IPCC

Artistic Storm over at YoungAustralianSkeptics

Political storm brewing over AGW

How do you convince people of global warming in car yard in a snowstorm?

Science mags that push climate alarmism losing their readership and their credibility

Collapsing science, climate alarmists in denial

Dangerous cooling ahead!

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6 Responses

  1. Enzo says:

    Consequences are here. Scientists should study the real facts instead of letting the governments predict them on their way to manipulate the public opinion.
    How they can explain now the dangerous cooling which points the nose !?

  2. Marathon Simmo says:

    Collapsing it may be (the AGW Alarmist claims & associated UN IPCC) within the Blogosphere, however, apart from perhaps one notable government exception (ie the Czech Rep and its Leader, Vaclav Klaus) you would never know it among those major governments like Australia, the US,UK etc where they continue to press ahead with their ridiculous pro Climate Change agenda as though there were nothing to be concerned about. Environmentalists have far to much political power nowadays through all levels of government and the billions, if not trillions of dollars tied up now in carbon trading schemes globally provide huge incentives for those involved to do anything and everything to protect their investments. Only the power of the people at the ballot box will bring this pack of cards down. Governments need to fall and the sooner the better!

    • twawki says:

      Agreed. The way they got her was to redirect our funds into their green schemes which then went on to prop up the burgeoning bureaucracies. Every day they are in power is another day we lose freedoms and become more broke. It is appalling that opposition parties are not going ballistic over this. Its almost like we need a clean sweep of the political system with new leaders who will do what is right for the people.

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