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It pays to be an alarmist!

It seems the K Rudd government rewards not those with a scientific and factual mind but instead bows down to the high priests of climate alarmism granting them well paid and prominent positions. When alarmist Tim Flannery should be in jail for misleading the public with his eco religious diatribes instead climate faithful K Rudd has given him the position of head of the Climate and Coastal Change Council (Yet another appalling, very expensive green bureaucracy) Yet out today in contradiction to Flanneries predictions that we were going to run out of water is the news that there has been a 25% drop in drought areas in NSW over the last month alone. As rational science tells us this cold wet period we have now begun is expected and is the natural cycles of PDOs from hot dry to cold wet. Yet we have a PM who awards someone who has no problem with misleading the public and gives them a position of power – hardly what you would call responsible governance.

In another case of alarmist favouritism and climate nepotism, the position of head of the Museum Trust has been given to Samantha Mostyn, the director of Sustainable Solutions. It seems in whatever way possible taxpayer funds are being used to support the climate faithful at the expense of the populace.

Yet if you are in position of power and you speak out about climate alarmism bias and censorship – as Maurice Newman Chairman of the ABC did last week, then there are shrieks of terror within the government and calls for your head. As Janet Albrechsten says in her op ed in The Australian “An organisation whose first reflex is to reject even the most measured criticism will end up undermining its reputation and its legitimacy”. Those howlers at the ABC just dont seem to get it their chicken little clique is only destroying itself through it’s bias, censorship and lies.

Yet what we see happening here in the public sphere of government is the same as scientists have complained for years – if you are an alarmist you are rewarded with positions and grants yet if you are a skeptic you are shown the door. What is the government telling us by awarding these positions to climate alarmists, that it is undermining its own reputation and legitimacy. The Labor Government may think redirecting our taxes to prop up its green friends is good use of our money for its purposes but elections are coming and people will show the government how expensive its lies and bias have become. We, the people are the ones who see our infrastructure crumbling, basic government services being cut and all the while the eco elite expand their increasingly useless and wasteful bloated green bureaucracy.

The K Rudd lead balloon, get rid of it now or risk losing the next election, K Rudd’s arrogance gives way to false humility as he sees the end is nigh!,

Labor climate skeptics starting to come out of the closet!

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