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The eco elite – the enemies of society and our future

National Secretary of the AWU (Australian Workers Union) Paul Howes is pushing in the media for an increase in super fund rate from 9% to 15% of wages to make retirement better for Australians. However if you follow the green money trail this will only increase money flow into green religion. How is this so? – well a huge amount of super is already being invested in faulty green schemes propped up temporarily by nonviable government green handouts. Once these handouts end – and they will because we cant afford to keep throwing this money away, they will collapse with peoples life savings with them. All that will have been achieved is bloated green industries with green fat cats, people will have no super to retire on and the environment will not be better off for it. A cursory look at Europe will show that many of these green schemes are disasters waiting to happen yet Al Gore and his ilk want to milk the super industry trillions for all they can get. All this means is his wealth will continue to skyrocket whilst peoples future finances are plundered.

Another salient point is our societies and cities desperately need new infrastructure, repairs to existing infrastructure, investment in cheap reliable energy, hospitals and school systems upgraded. Yet many of the funds from these important and needy basic services are being redirected into a massive green bureaucracy where we are seeing more and more green departments invented – and all for what – increasing the green religion in government and alienating society in the process. AGW is a scam, creating bureaucracy doesn’t help the environment it only helps the green faithful – K Rudd, Obama and Brown are well aware of this.

Paul Howes has said the ETS is a green pathway to job certainty yet for every green job destroys 2.2 normal jobs are lost.

Al Gore is getting his hands on your Super

Very funny – The money hole! – very true

From poster Elio on Andrew Bolt’s blog;

Installment 2 of the CSIRO+BoM “robust, peer-reviewed” climate report – this time looking at the WA rural weather stations with the help of Google Earth.

For WA, we see that there are 127 rural stations. This is interesting in itself – given that WA is roughly three times the size of NSW, yet WA has only 70% of the number of rural stations as NSW. Makes you wonder how you can get “robust” national climate data with a discrepancy like this.

Anyway, Of these meagre 127 rural stations in WA:
– 41 (32%) are airports or airfields
– 33 (26%) are Post Offices or locations within a town
– 8 (6%) are locations just outside a town
– 45 (35%) are locations that could be classified as “rural”

So, it appears that fully 65% of the WA weather stations are potentially contaminated by the impacts of human activity. But then, given that this report is both “robust” and “peer-reviewed”, you’d think they’d know all this, wouldn’t you?

At last I’m beginning to understand what the term “man-made global warming” means.

Eloi (Reply)
Wed 17 Mar 10 (03:35am)

Hide the decline

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  1. Enzo says:

    The video of the “money hole” is big on consequences… however how to hide a decline when money is misused !

    well written Twawki.

  2. […] Secrétaire nationale de l'UTA (Australian Workers Union) Paul Howes pousse dans les médias pour une augmentation du taux super-fonds de 9% à 15% des salaires à faire un meilleur départ à la retraite pour les Australiens. Toutefois, si vous suivez la piste de l'argent vert cela ne fera que augmenter la circulation de l'argent dans la religion verte. Comment est-il ainsi? [. . . ] URL article original: http://twawki.com/2010/03/17/the-eco-elite-the-enemies-of-society-and-our-future/ […]

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