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Electricity robbery

ETS blamed for up to 64% hike in electricity prices – wheres the prices watchdog when you need them?

So we are already paying for an ETS even though technically it is not passed – where is the fairness in that? Especially when the ETS is based on fraudulent science. What is the legal basis for charging consumers a fee for something that is neither provided or based on fact.

Where has the ACCC (Australian Consumer and Competition Commission spoken up about this? Or acted upon it! Why should we be paying extra for something when it costs no more to produce!

You can complain to the ACCC here. It would also be pertinent to phone (or email) your local political representative.

More at Australian Climate Madness here

Energy ombudsmans can be found here, Wrong refuses to accept responsibility, Electricity rises of almost $1000 a year caused by ETS and infrastructure, NSW slugged the most, Leaders demand EPA be silenced

Medical profession bows at the feet of the global warming god

CSIRO & BOM report

Carbon Market – paying money for nothing but hot air!

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3 Responses

  1. Marathon Simmo says:

    No need to wait for a 64% increase in electricity prices as a result of the future ETS & the like, my quarterly electricity bill went up 43.7% (quarter on quarter Oct 2010 V’s Oct 2009) with utilisation unchanged & inflation less than 5% for the year! A formal response to my complaint registered via AGL’s web site is still outstanding. So now I have a further 64% increase to look forward to – Wow I can hardly wait !

  2. Marathon Simmo says:

    Ooops – That Oct ’08 V’s Oct 09′ above..

  3. twawki says:

    Yeah 64% on top of the already 60% or so that its gone up in the last 5 years. And they want to tell us that the ETS wont send us broke. Now consider that if the current cooling in global temperatures deepens (as natural cycles say it will)then not only will it be costing you a lot more to stay warm but you’ll need a lot more of this expensive electricity.

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