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Finally a safe light bulb?

After they made it illegal to use incandescent bulbs with their warm soft glow the bright cold light of the mercury laden fluorescent bulbs have been a nightmare. Not only can the flickering trigger epileptics into having fits but if the fluorescent tube isnt a daylight tube then the lack of full spectrum lighting can cause further health issues for people – particularly those who have lupus or sun allergies.Added to this is that if the tube breaks there are toxic issues with mercury – who knows how countries are disposing of millions of tonnes of these mercury laden bulbs every year.

The Daily Bayonet reports on a new bulb that is – hopefully safe!

Photo-sensitivity, lupus and fluorescent bulbs

Compact fluorescent hell

Mercury and human development

Government saying they decide not democracy

Earth hour stupidity

From Parliament today;

“How can we be confident that this prime minister will be any better using that GST money on health than he was using tax funding on home insulation?” Mr Abbott said

“If his own Labor premiers don’t trust, why should I trust him and why should the Australian people trust him?”

Big business, big green ripoff

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