The world as we know it

UFO storm

What an amazing cloud ….

Nature is indeed quite incredible.

Anomalies and climate data, Climate trends in data, South America – a new world cup in climate hockey, The decline – adjusted to be the new warm, Alarmist’s reviewed in Nature, Greenhouse gas theory does not give us a catastrophe, Statistical death match

ABC pushes BOM & CSIRO propaganda;

Quote; SARAH CLARKE: Are you worried that the science is being lost or certainly the scientific foundation and evidence is being lost in this debate?

GREG AYERS: The evidence based, as I said, I’ll keep coming back to it. It’s very, very strong, it’s very robust and it’s important for me to make the emphasis that that’s the case so that people can take discussions and arguments off in all sorts of directions. But for me, I want to bring it right back to that evidence based, that’s what the Bureau does, that’s what we’re here for and that’s what we’re delivering to the Australian public.

Yet not everyone agrees – Andrew Bolt writes in the Herald Sun;

THE CSIRO, once our top scientific institution, this week showed how shoddy and politicised it’s become.

It’s issued State of the Climate, a pamphlet it drew up with the Bureau of Meteorology, to silence the sceptics of catastrophic man-made warming.

“Climate change is real,” it announced. The proof was that Australia’s mean temperature went up 0.7 per cent since 1960, seas were rising in some places by 3mm a year, and less rain now fell on our most settled areas.

Phew. That’s put me in my place. Or so you’d think from the uncritical coverage this propaganda got from the ABC, The Age and even the Herald Sun.

But the document, barely even six pages, despite its big graphs, is a testament not to the truth of man-made warming, but to the CSIRO’s decline.

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2 Responses

  1. Eloi says:

    I notice that you have picked up my comments about the CSIRO+BoM work of “robust, peer reviewed” fiction on the Bolt blog. FYI – I have started a blog to look at just how good (or bad) the stations are that are used for this “climate report”.
    More to come!

    • twawki says:

      Yeah thought it was great you posted them. Wonderful – be great for everyone to see your work – will do a guest post on it and link to your site if it’s cool with you.

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