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Global warming – a government religion

It seems the difference between those in government and those who arn’t is widening every day particularly on the topic of ‘global warming’ or AGW (anthropogenic or man made global warming) to be more precise. As the world cools and experiences record cold and snow the public is becoming outright skeptical of the fraud and alarmism of AGW as pushed by those in power. As the public has become skeptical they’ve been checking the facts and finding that AGW does not add up. The polar ice caps are growing and not receding, storm activity is going down and not up, droughts are not increasing but giving way to floods, glaciers are growing, sea level rise is diminishing – not growing, there is record snow cover and cold records are being set – and the world is slowly but surely on a downward not upward trend in temperatures.

At the same time we are seeing the UN IPCC reports being shown to be full of fabrications and lies as scientists have stood up and spoken about having their research manipulated to say things it didn’t, we are finding so called UN science using WWF press releases as backup, we are finding fabrications, alterations, manipulations to the climate data to try and foist upon the world the belief that AGW is real when the reality is quite the opposite.

Yet at the same time governments are exorbitantly hiking up the cost of electricity and water to compensate for global warming doomsday. Carbon markets are selling hot air and green regulations are spreading like a disease. Billions of taxpayers dollars are being spent not on the environment but on creating bigger and bigger green bureaucracies and more and more red tape and rules as to how we are meant to live.

At what point do we say enough. Those we pay to govern us are not governing but lording it over us and that with policies that are destroying us and destroying our freedoms and our affluence. They are telling us they are the experts and they know better – yet when pressured on the details are unable to prove so. As the growing UN daily gets its tentacles into more and more of our lives, without permission, without challenge and without scrutiny we realise that they do not have our best interests at heart and already running a global government in stealth whilst beleiving that mankind is a disease does not far well for our future.

Unless we stand up and speak out about the growing atrocities of the AGW movement we will only see our freedoms and rights perish altogether. Unless we depose those in power who push the fraud and the regulations they hope to bind us with then our way of life is likely to become extinct. Unless we elect those who chose to serve us rather than enslave us we will lose our voice and our freedoms and our way of life completely.

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  1. twawki says:

    Yes if you follow the money trail you see it has very little to do with the environment and everything to do with politics.

    Of the large number of eco elite are nothing compared to an enraged public slowly growing furious at these ‘green’ fat caps living it up off the public purse.

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We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in. Thomas Paine

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