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As the environmental movement continues its barrage of lies so many people are deciding to stand up and speak out the real truth about the environment. As a result so many great new sites are popping up. This is real grass roots people power in action. It is really valuable work and if we each do a little bit then together it amounts to a huge tidal wave of action. As our freedoms and affluence are being destroyed it is vitally important we all do what we each can.

One site in particular that deserves special commendation is the Layman’s Sunspot Count over at www.landscheidt.info/ Counting sunspot numbers has gone on for centuries and has been a great way of looking at sunspot activity on the sun. This activity rises and falls in cycles, both large and small and our climate follows these fluctuations in activity.

Up until the turn of the century we had a solar maximum, with a period of significant sunspot activity correlating with a warming period on earth. However since then Cycle 23 declined then plateaued for about 3 1/2 years with virtually no spots. This lull in solar activity has serious consequences for us here on earth. The longer this lull goes on the colder it is likely to get – and cold is the enemy of life, particularly human life whereas warmth is when humanity flourishes. Solar Cycle 24 has now started but there are realistic concerns this cycle and the following will be quite small with a correlating global cooling for the next 20 or more years.

As the powers that be recorded sunpots during this lull in activity it became obvious that many of the spots they were recording were actually only specks and much smaller than may have been seen and recorded in previous history prior to modern instrumentation. Due to this science becoming inexact and politicized the Layman’s sunspot count was born where an actual size for a sunspot was determined in order to be qualified for counting. This made the science exact, more accurate and consistent with historical records.

So this site watches and records sunspots with this improved methodology and so is a more accurate recording of the behavior of the greatest external influence on our planet – the sun. Pay them a visit – their site is beautifully done, an improvement on the existing science and very informative!

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  1. Enzo says:

    This star semi volcano always fascinates me, I discover and I learn. Thanks for sharing.

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