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In Denial

A great editorial in The Weekly Standard (as emailed to me by D.Jenson MP) on the absolutely appalling history of climate alarmism.


In addition to being a sign of desperation, these ad hominem arguments from the climate campaigners also make clear which camp is truly guilty of anti-intellectualism. Gore and the rest of the chorus simply will not discuss any of the scientific anomalies and defects in the conventional climate narrative that scientists such as Christy have pointed out to the IPCC. Perhaps the climate campaign’s most ludicrous contortion is their response to the record snowfall of the eastern United States over the last two months. The ordinary citizen, applying Occam’s Razor while shoveling feet of snow, sees global warming as a farce. The climate campaigners now insist that “weather is not climate,”

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Carbon tax to fight global warming ruled unfair as it placed the burden of cutting down energy use on a minority of consumers

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2 Responses

  1. Enzo says:

    How many nations are ready to pay a carbon tax for a global cooling ? It’s a vicious circle !… in fact did they predict that we must burn more wood to warm our houses ? mmmh i think that’s why we must pay a tax ! *sarcasm* …
    “bury one’s head in the sand” is maybe a solution for people who doesn’t want to hear the truth… but i still believe that this way to react is more the behavior of politicians who don’t want to hear and see the reality and their citizens…

  2. roberta4949 says:

    maybe the human rights is correct, the trouble is who defines who is human and who is not? maybe they don’t consider the slaves of society as human but as cattle and cattle have no rights hence they are not violating human rights hence htey are following their own mandate. you see to follow your own laws all you have to do is change the defintions of things to get around it to justify doublestandards and tyranny.

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