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30 year mini ice age on the way

UN IPCC finally, finally admits and acknowledges we have 30 years of cooling ahead based on natural climatic cycles. This could deepen or extend if sunspot activity (Solar Cycle 24) continues at low levels.

Watch the newscast here

Quote; Nature (not man) will determine mankind’s climatic fate!

Energy customers went into self imposed ice age this winter because they couldn’t afford the skyrocketing price of energy. If it’s only going to get colder then how will these people caught in the fuel poverty cycle survive? The ultimate outcome for this appalling green policy of hiking up the cost of energy will be many, many unnecessary deaths.

Quote; “high energy cost represents a matter of crisis which requires urgent action before it impacts any further on people’s quality of life”.

More here on Readjusting the data.

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6 Responses

  1. Beverley says:

    I’m shocked, at last the truth is coming out. I wonder if all the data collected from northern Canada helped turn the tide of idoticy that we have been subject to over the past few years. What will Al Gore do now, poor thing!

  2. cbullitt says:

    Ooh, paneling. Like the look, though you’ll have to highlight all the black text–it’s now unreadable.

  3. Ira Harnan says:

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