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Even penthouse is getting in on giving Al Bore a serve!

It seems even Penthouse is giving the self seeking Al Bore a serve. Guess this is what they mean by climate porn!

What so many of these documents reveal is the architecture of an alarmist mentality that—contrary to many facts—has been systematically sold to the world as “settled science.” What was claimed to be hard science backed by definitive data was instead a kind of pseudo-science in which a hodgepodge of data was cherry-picked, obfuscated, eliminated, or exaggerated not to reveal the truth, but to buttress a preconceived position. In short, the “science” behind our “global warming” wasn’t so hot, and neither, it turned out, is our globe.

Not a bad article and definitely worth a read!

Trillion dollar green pig troughs; Quote; Nor are they particularly keen that the word get out that the “benefits” of the Green Fund would not be, as the IMF suggests, “to the entire world” but rather to a self-selected group who have managed to build and corral a global process that serves nobody’s interest but their own.

The climate criminals continue to evade prosecution, North America – auditing the data, Man jailed for climate fraud

Chief climategate investigator fails to declare huge conflict of interest!

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3 Responses

  1. Beverley says:

    The scary thing is , when a government commits to anything trying to change it is like picking chewing gum out of the cat. You might get some, but you’re going to collect a whole lot of scratches for your efforts. And the bus keeps rolling along.

  2. Enzo says:

    Excellent article and excellent illustration, it remains me “Austin Powers” with “mini-me” who wants to conquer the world without seeing the consequences of his own acts… unfortunately for us, it’s not parodies, and in this time we are threatened by his own consequences.

  3. twawki says:

    Yeah the governments seem to be resisting requests for transparency and honesty on these issues. Yes we are the ones who are paying for their incompetence and arrogance.

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