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La Trobe indoctrinating the masses

La Trobe university in Victoria is offering a course on climate communism the environment where it says there is no assessment except to turn up. Also you can do the course and get credit towards your degree for it regardless of how unrelated your degree is. Guess there goes the Universities educational standards and credibility. In their desperation to spread the green religion they abandon any sense of educational requirements. Its no further surprise that all the lecturers are climate alarmists – no such thing as basic scientific skepticism is there in this course at La Trobe. Appalling behaviour La Trobe – this will go down as a low point in your history!

More here at Andrew Bolt. You can complain to La Trobe here;


Indoctrinating our kids with green mythology, Associated Press continue their barrage of green lies, Eco warrior kids and the green gospel, Are the warmists as ignorant as they appear to be?, Greenpeace morphs into big tobacco,

Quote; Is nobody even going to mention the $100 million Exxon donated to Stanford so Stephen Schneider can continue his advocacy of Greenpeace and the fight against global warming? Isn’t that relevant to this discussion at all? Is nobody even going to mention the institutional donors to Phil Jones’ CRU, and all the energy companies among them? How much money do the environmental NGOs receive from big energy companies, and why don’t they publish that?

Even Sesame St hypes up the CO2 propaganda

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  1. Rereke Whakaaro says:


    If I sent a hundred bucks to La Trobe Uni, would they post me back a PhD?

    It is like the old story of the man at a party who asked an attractive young woman, “Would you be prepared to sleep with a man once, for $100,000?”

    She thought for a while, and said, “Yes, I suppose I would.”

    The man then said, “Well, will you sleep with me for $20?”

    The woman replied, “No! What do you think I am?”

    And the man said, “Well, I thought we had established what you are. It is the price we are now negotiating.”

    La Trobe University has just prostituted itself – how sad is that, for all the Alumni out there?

    • twawki says:

      Great story. Yeah these institutions seem to be blind as to how the green propaganda can bring their reputations crashing to the ground! We if the course costs less than $100 to do you may get something for it lol

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  3. […] posted here:  La Trobe indoctrinating the masses By admin | category: LA TROBE | tags: assessment-except, climate-communism, […]

  4. Enzo says:

    the formatting of spirits starts with education, and the schools are the first preys, instruments of a successful propaganda.
    “when people have a thought different inspired from reality, they are often qualified as marginal ones, and thus of thoughts without values… the endoctrination is done by education with its goals which are to disguise founded ideals or the reality”

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