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How much for the real cause?

WWF headquarters

As we see hundreds of millions if not billions going to ‘environmental’ groups how much is getting to the real cause to actually planting trees or cleaning up waste? Most seems to go on proselytizing, media campaigns, brand awareness, green bureaucracy, lavish buildings etc as well as significant directors salaries and frequent lavish climate conference junkets in the likes of Bali. The green corporate is certainly an expensive and very, very lucrative business! Not unlike Wall St!

It needs to be asked how much of each dollar contributed to WWF & Greenpeace actually goes into hands on environmental programs? How much bang do we get for our buck? Seems like very very little. Other charities in many cases are required to identify how much of each dollar for example in child support programs goes to the child for example Compassion says approx. 80% of their funding goes to the child’s development. We want to know how much of each dollar in WWF and Greenfleece Greenpeace ends up in tangible outcomes like tree planting, re-vegetation etc – minus all the spin, the admin, the bureaucracy and the other BS.

Great blog – Givewell – definitely worth checking and seeing where your money goes! Their 2008 Interim Australian Charities Financial Analysis

The following is a typical example of green behaviour and funding – from QUADRANT; A never ending litany of purported environmental threats to the Great Barrier Reef has maintained a generous flow of funding for several generations of researchers and the reef salvation industry now brings about $100 million annually into the local economy in North Queensland. Although none of these threats has ever become manifest as a serious impact and all of the millions of dollars in research has never found any effective solution for anything, the charade never seems to lose credibility or support.

See more of the lavish WWF headquarters, more here, and their Washington temple below. Green business is certainly big and certainly not poor! This is what your money to save the whales and panda bears builds!

WWF headquarters Washington

The Flannery forgeries!

Earth hour fraud – wont make an iota of difference to power generation!

The stupidity, futility and fantasy of earth hour!

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