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Green exaggeration & lies destroys governments – 2

Green exaggeration and lies destroys governments – 1 here

The climate alarmist lobby thought they had the race won! They wanted to make out that it was a one horse race, they had the consensus, the debate was over and any opposition to their climate fraud could be yelled down through the lame stream media by throwing sticks and stones at those skeptical of their fabricated science fiction. Pretty stupid and dumb of them – yet they continue with this childish strategy!

Guess now the chicken littles have come home to roost.

The very thing the climate alarmists ignored – namely the climate – has exposed them as liars and swindlers, misleading the public and pushing an unproven hypothesis as fact. As the world continued to cool as natural cycles says it should Global Warming is dead and has been so for over a decade. Climategate then revealed the corruption within the alarmist establishment and confirmed what many world leading scientists had been saying for years – AGW is a fraud. Now as the money trail, vested and conflicts of interest are being exposed it is the hope of many – impoverished and enslaved by these green lies – that those corrupt criminals who pushed AGW will go to jail!

What we are currently seeing is a growing, massive divergence between government and public opinion as people educating themselves are saying to governments we are sick of the AGW BS. Yet governments are still ignoring the populace, feeling they know better, and are consequently heading headlong into a green abyss – and not a very nice one.

When governments fear people there is liberty, when people fear governments there is tyranny. Thomas Jefferson.

The governments have every right to fear the people now because those in power have been exposed as committing massive green fraud! The longer they continue with their charade and lies the worse it will be for them!

Carbon tax crumbles in France as voters express their outrage, It seems those pushing climate alarmism and the climate tax the most are those who are going to make the most money out of it, The failed Labor party realises  the greens will only use them to leapfrog ahead,

Climate lies,

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4 Responses

  1. I couldn’t understand some points of this post, but I guess I only need to learn a bit more about this, because it certainly sounds interesting and kind of though-proviking! By the way, how did you first get involved with this?

    • twawki says:

      Like most people – you start realising the global warming claims dont add up, so you investigate more – then you realise they dont even come close to adding up so you investigate more and realise the whole thing is a sham where that they are using as an excuse to bring in massive punitive regulations and bleed us dry of any affluence. When you realise this you feel angry. Writing is a constructive way to deal with that anger.

  2. Enzo says:

    Good article, and fortunately for us, writings stay…
    We have all a common point , all countries and all citizens are able to see the truth instead of listening cock-and-bull stories or wrongs pretexts to set new taxes …
    It’s in our interest to claim the truth.
    It’s good to read you.

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