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The lamestream media continues to mislead the public by being global warming alarmism advocates, often suppressing relevant information (such as Climategate), giving very limited press to skepticism about AGW whilst at the same time lavishing their front pages presenting climate alarmism opinion as fact. One wonders as they continue this appalling practice of censorship and bias whether they realise they are simply hastening their own demise and destroying their credibility at the same time. As their bias is often to ridicule anything not of the left they clearly expose where their allegiances lie. As the ‘big media’ continues to get bad press for the way they have abandoned investigative journalism and embraced cookie cutter, ‘fast food’ journalism and junk science they seem to sit there oblivious, thinking they are untouchable all the while their readership plummets and people switch to the vastly increasing array of more credible alternatives found on the internet.

In recent days the ABC’s appalling left bias has been exposed, yet they and their watchdogs seem oblivious believing their world view is the only one to have and everyone else is simply ‘wrong’. Their incapability to consider any other views but their own shunts them into irrelevance as the audience they serve becomes simply a small polemic group and definitely not the public at large. In my communications with them, with their ‘watchdogs’ and with the Press Council tend to show individuals in positions of power who have a disdain for any alternate opinions seeing the rest of us as encumbrances to their elitist status and annoyances to their daily routine. This condescension on their part coupled with their lack of objectivity and interest to have transparent, investigative and responsible journalism shows they are long past their date of usefulness and have now only become dead weights to society, needed to be discarded so as not to hold the rest of us back. For that reason they will be gladly left behind in irrelevance and for those reasons they will probably sit there in the future living in the past and blaming everyone else for the ultimate consequences of their actions – their demise.

“a handful of mostly young (read: cheap) journalists repurpose print and wire copy for online publication. They answer to digital bosses, secluded from masthead editors, breeding a bipolar disorder in its brands” Importance of Ideas

“These revelations did not trigger any journalistic instincts at the major networks, cable news channels or major newspapers. It did, however, reach a core with citizen watchdogs”. Stop the ACLU

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Freeculture.org, NYT sends legal threats to blogs, Nothing to see here folks – the lamestream media on climategate, Pot calling the kettle black, Exposing left wing media bias, Climategate whitewash ignored by lamestream media,

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  1. Barton Sonne says:

    You are making your points well nonetheless I still am not sure yet.

  2. Just like normal you’ve offered several wonderful insight. Been a lurker on the site for a time and wished to give thanks to you for making the effort to publish it.

  3. Ira Harnan says:

    How often do you write your blogs? I enjoy them a lot 5 1 7

  4. A excellent approach to this you possess, whilst I don’t agree with all that is mentioned I can see your case.

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