The world as we know it

Why do scientists feel they need to lie?

From the News Tribune; We’ve witnessed firsthand that climate scientists are not above misleading an entire planet; what makes people think that they’re not above politics? People may or may not be causing climate change, but the scientists promoting the hysteria have been exposed as political activists and are in the same league as tribal priests suggesting that bad behavior causes solar eclipses.

Almost half of IPCC references not even peer reviewed!

Science has attained a position in modern culture that approaches what was formerly reserved for religion. Lets have clean science and honest accounting, Why scientists lie and what to do about it, The corruption of science,

Global warning doctrine a lie

Soylent green on the contradictions of science

‘Post-normal science’ is perfect for climate demagogues — it isn’t science at all

Marc Morano, Climate Depot and Esquire, Dishonesty, lack of transparency and spin, spin, spin, Data collection, sampling error and spurious meanings, The funding plunging continues with spurious and questionable scientific practices, Medieval warming period – part 1, How DO we know?,


Lamestream media losing, losing, losing, Are the left simply foul mouthed?, Al Gore – smoking your money!

BOM – when the press releases don’t match the math!

Big Science

Another climate scare debunked, Climate feedbacks not what we’ve been led to believe, Global warming obituary and post mortem,

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6 Responses

  1. Eloi says:

    “Science has attained a position in modern culture that approaches what was formerly reserved for religion..”
    If you restate this as: “Climate Science (a branch of Junk Science) has attained a position in modern western culture that supplants previous religious beliefs,” then you are probably closer to the mark.

    As to why these millenium religions take hold (other than the fact that they offer very simplistic ‘solutions’ to very complex ‘problems’), the following article provides some very interesting parallels:

  2. Enzo says:

    They need some substance to find a lil flaw, just for make their investigations more serious … but with a reality which goes in an opposite side. they try to make a connection between by lying… a beautiful knot for our brains.

    • twawki says:

      I don’t want nay knots in my brain! There needs to be more transparency and accountability with science – science needs to be checked and be auditable

  3. twawki says:

    What is clear is that in many cases they are not telling the whole truth!

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