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How to set up an NGO!

With the proliferation of NGOs (Non Government Organisations), especially green/left/global warming ones (see http://www.gdrc.org) you would think becoming an NGO is the easiest get rich quick scheme on the planet today! It really is easy – think of a cause, blame mankind for it, put your hand up as salvation and then lobby government for funding. Fill out the copious paperwork, cry crocodile tears, become an activist for your cause, get your government grants, make the public feel guilty, rake in the money, then live the easy life. If you are unsure just google ‘setting up an NGO’ – here is just a few of the many websites available;

Procedures for setting up an NGO, Setting up an NGO bylaws, Starting an NGO, How to start a successful NGO in 10 steps,

Oh and dont forget to look into charity status – keeps the money flow higher and contributions can be tax deductible! Here’s a look at the NGO food chain;

Have a look at WWF and Greenpeace, NGOs that now rake it in. Big business certainly comes in many many forms even ‘charitable’ ones!

Coming soon – how to set up a GGO (Global Governance Organisation) – then you will be superman! (or woman)

NGOs – the self appointed altruists – “Their arrival portends rising local prices and a culture shock. Many of them live in plush apartments, or five star hotels, drive SUV’s, sport $3000 laptops and PDA’s. They earn a two figure multiple of the local average wage. They are busybodies, preachers, critics, do-gooders, and professional altruists.

Always self-appointed, they answer to no constituency. Though unelected and ignorant of local realities, they confront the democratically chosen and those who voted them into office. A few of them are enmeshed in crime and corruption. They are the non-governmental organizations, or NGO’s”.

Our no sweat moralists

From the comments at Andrew Bolt’s blog;

Good old AusAID, making poverty history in Canberra.

624 of their 732 staff are based in Australia. (732 staff – what are they all doing?)

Between them, they attended 3364 training courses last year – I guess that is one way to spend your time.

144 of them are paid $100,000 or more.

$300,000 went on “community attitudes research”.

But that’s small change….

Working with our whole-of-government partners, AusAID began implementing the International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative ($150 million over three years) and continued implementing the International Forest Carbon Initiative ($200 million over five years).

That’s what I call burning our money.

It’s all there in the appendix to their latest annual report.

Boy on a bike (Reply)
Wed 31 Mar 10 (06:22am)
Or how about this as emailed to me by Ms Dwyer from MP Jenson’s office;

Sent by a fellow sceptic:

Subject: Oxfam – A Tool of Greenpeace’s Global Warming Campaign

If you donate to Oxfam thinking it will go to helping a family,or children, in a third world contry by providing essential services like clean water, sanitation and medicines the think again.

Greenpeace have organised a demonstration and according to Greenpeace’s media release Oxfam is a, if not the, front runner.   This is the Greenpeace item.

“Hi there,

A few weeks ago I sent you an invitation to the Mili-band event which will be taking place at Kingsnorth power station in Kent on 4th July.

Hundreds of people will form a giant human band around the site – the proposed location of the first new coal power station in the UK for 30 years. Together we will send a strong message to Ed Miliband, the government minister in charge of UK climate change policy, that if we want curb our carbon emissions we must stop using dirty coal. Now.

Thanks to all of you who’ve already signed up. For those that haven’t, can I just remind you that this will be a fun, family-friendly day out. After we’ve formed the Mili-band, which will last about an hour, there’ll be a summer fête, complete with stalls, music, and plenty for children to do.

This is a joint event, organised with Oxfam, Christian Aid, National Union of Students, People and Planet, RSPB, Women’s Institute, Woodcraft Folk and the World Development Movement. It’s a very broad coalition, demonstrating the range and depth of national opposition to dirty coal power.

Oxfam is running coaches to the event from a number of cities, but you’ll need to move quickly if you want to secure a seat on one because the last date for booking coach tickets is this Friday, June 19th.

Please come along <http://links.mailing.greenpeace.org/ctt?kn=6&m=33425579&r=MjQ2MzMwOTAzS0&b=0&j=NTE2MDI0MDAS1&mt=1&rt=0> and help send a strong message that we must end our dependence on dirty coal: a clean, low-carbon future is the only way forward.

We’d love to see you there, and any friends you’d like to bring along too.

As always, thanks for your support!”

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  1. Bruce says:

    I remember Cambodia in the late 80s, early 90s. The Viets were still there rooting out the Khmer Rouge. The UN and associated remoras had not yet arrived (probably not safe enough for them).

    Roll forward 20 years: wall to wall NGOs and UN oxygen thieves. Even by 1998, prices had gone through the roof and corruption was endemic. UN forces from certain countries were responsible for a substantial amount of rape and pillage. Demand for sexual services by the influx turned the social order of the place on its ear.

    Many people have a lot to answer for.

  2. Beverley says:

    I’m not surprised at the activities of the UN. why do countries let them in? They don’t really have much choice, either the UN is allowed in or the country faces sanctions from the rest of the world, then there is the corrupt leadership that uses the UN to murder and control their own people. I recommend you watch the movie “Shake hands with the Devil” true story of a Canadian General ( Romeo D’Alarde) in Africa.

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