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Wikipedia censorship continues

Wikipedia continues its censorship of skeptical opinions of climate alarmism but it also seems to be censoring important data of those involved in Climategate. William Connelly again is in the thick of it as they try and erase web memories of Kieth Briffas involvement in CRU.

More here at here at pediawatch

This is far from an isolated incident as you can see here. Quote; “The issue today is one concerning the editing of biographies of one’s enemies and the tactics used by editors generally associated with the pro-AGW side of things.  While this particular debate is not directly climate change related it is illustrative of the mindset and the tactics being employed in that space as well“.

And more here – An anatomy of dishonest editing;

Anyone who works on Wikipedia’s coverage of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) and Climate Change topics will easily recognize the clear and systemic bias that is at work there“.

As the ongoing whitewash of climategate continues, the ongoing governmental push of climate taxes, the ongoing spread of NGOs (non governmental organisations) and GGOs (global governance organisations) all we are really seeing is the green establishment moving more and more into fortress mentality against the good of society at large.

To pit yourself against the public at large, to try and profit from the public until they are into poverty, to treat the public as though they are a disease that doesn’t have a brain does not fare well for these eco dimwits in positions of power. As their arrogance and eco elitism continue all they are ensuring is that the repercussions against them will be severe and all it will take is a change of power and the status quo for them to be behind bars.

One would have thought the reasonable thing would have been for these green pariahs to come clean but then I guess they have too much money invested in the global warming scam to even consider that!

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Apple and amazon censorship, For google censorship and cyber attacks are sensitive topics except when they are the ones censoring! More here at infowars, and PrisonPlanet.

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there seem to be some serious errors and omissions in the report

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