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Gillard’s Labor now dancing on their own grave

Gillard and Labor are now dancing on their own grave. The smugness and delight that they expressed yesterday at forcing and bribing the carbon tax policy through was watched by millions and millions of Australians utterly disgusted at Labor’s behaviour and trashing of our democracy. This treasonous action by Labor will forever be remembered as the day Labor betrayed the Australian people.

This was the tax Gillard promised prior to the last election she would never bring in under her leadership, the warming tax that will not reduce global temperatures, the emissions tax that wont cut emissions, the punitive and draconian trillion dollar tax that will rob Australians of over $40,000 each whilst it enriches the UN and big green government.

This is the tax that has seen and will see fuel poverty soar where many Australians will not be able to afford to keep warm in a cooling world. This is the tax that will see many Australians lose their houses, their jobs, their businesses and their freedoms progressively removed. Where Labor will implement a  new level of police against the people  – where green police will audit and fine ordinary and innocent Australians for their infringements against Labor’s socialist green religion. This is the warming tax that will enrage the populace against the government, especially as the world freezes.

This is the lying, fraudulent carbon tax that is simply a socialist exercise in wealth distribution. A lying, fraudulent tax that will do very little for the environment and is based on lies about the climate, lies about the great barrier reef, lies about the poles, lies about future snow cover. A lying fraudulent, warming tax that the rest of the world is sensibly backing away from as science exposes it’s corruption but the lying, fraudulent Labor politicians claimed to the populace the world was embracing. Every lie, on record, exposed will be another nail in Labor’s coffin – this is the tax that will bury Labor alive.

This is the tax that Labor has outed themselves as political representatives demonstrating clearly and once for all that they have absolutely no interest in democracy or the will of the Australian people. Where the people were silenced, given insufficient time to comment, where over 90% of Australian’s comments were disregarded, and it was brutally rushed through to avoid any challenge by … Australians.  This is the tax that will ensure Labor are forever seen as traitors to the common good of Australians and that will utterly destroy them as a party, as individuals, never to rise again. And this is the tax that Labor have structured so it is almost impossible to repeal and so it will become a noose around Labor’s neck, tightening every day, this carbon tax is Labor’s suicide note that will kill them at every single electoral opportunity. This is the tax that has so enraged Australians they have taken to the streets, marched on Canberra coming from all over Australia, set up blogs, tweets, facebook, internet sites, and united Australians against Labor as a political party. This is the tax Labor has then used as a reason to vilify, falsely accuse and attack ordinary Australians as enemies of their green crusade. This is the tax Labor have refused the people a voice and election over. This is the tax that labor have refused to be transparent or accountable over, the tax that has been refused due diligence, due process and a duty of care to Australians. This is the tax that has solidified Labor as an enemy of most Australians..

When a single Labor politician could have crossed the floor, changed the vote from 74/72 and put an end to this tax, then this is the tax that will damn, so completely, so repeatedly, so extensively every single Labor politician and condemn them – and that for a long, long time to come!

Labor’s contempt for Australians ; Labor jumps the shark and exposes their hypocrisy ; Labor’s grand deception and ultimate betrayal ; Labor has brought tyranny to Australia this day ; Labors death sealed with a kiss ; Climate committee corruption ; Labors lies and corruption ;

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9 Responses

  1. SOYLENT GREEN says:

    New format, eh? Looks nice.
    Just in time for Julia-tard’s folly.
    I seriously hope this kills off the Labor party there. I’ve never seen that before.
    Contrary to some belief, I wasn’t around for the demise of our Whigs.

    • twawki says:

      Thanks – yeah will rebuild here and hopefully be better access, loading times etc and will never go back to Bluehost again. What sort of host removes your website without even the courtesy of saying hey something funny is going on.

      The Labor Party are dead it’s just getting the rotting corpse out of government that is proving to be the challenge.

  2. fred nerk says:

    A big thank you to the Political Whores and Presstitutes of Australia,DON’T be surprised at the PUBLICS contempt for you 83% of KNOW that you and the Carbon Tax are a P.O.S. JUST WAIT TILL YOU GET THE BILL, your Visa won’t cover it.WE WILL HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE AND MAKE YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY

  3. Doron Zelinger says:

    Such eloquence. This article says absolutely everything that has crossed my mind, and I am sure the minds of millions. I just don’t have the lingiustic skills to express it as has been done above. Brilliant

  4. fred nerk says:

    They are actually dead they just don’t know it yet.The Political Horse in Canberra think so little of common sense and public opinion that not one of them had the balls to cross the floor.Somebody owns this government and it’s not the people of Australia it’s the only explanation for this madness and committing political suicide.Climate Change is Natural and CO2 is life

  5. Congrats on moving to WP 🙂

    I am a longtime lurker, and will have to become a longtime commenter. What I find interesting is how Gillard and Crew™ are trying to make Australia into the Thunderdome. I don’t think she realizes she’s the idiot, not Mad Max.

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