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Desalination disaster

Sydney now has a useless $2billion desalination plant whilst Sydney dams are in flood, Melbourne is building a $6b desalination plant whilst flood waters in the rivers empty in the oceans. And now revelations of even more utter madness. From Warwick Hughes blog;

The ALP government was looking at desalination for Canberra, 150km inland and 750m altitude!

Now why would a dictatorial, pro green, pro censorship, UN puppet Government like the ALP be so desperate about desalination? Especially when desalination is highly impractical, incredibly unenvironmental and ridiculously expensive? Well consider this – water is what we all need to drink – we can only survive 3 days without it. If the Government has control over our water supply, it has control over us – and that in a bad way. With a government run desalination plant it is much easier for the government to control what goes into our water and thus our bodies! With desal plants the water can be completely artificial with dams only partially so. H2only reports the following additions (I have added my comments in bold);


    • Chlorine is used as a disinfectant to remove potentially dangerous bacteria and other micro-organisms.
      Chlorine is one of the major causes of objectionable taste, smell and odour in our drinking water.
      Chlorine has been identified as a potential carcinogen.

Chlorine in drinking water is currently a leading cause of bladder and rectal cancer and asthma. Health officials are now linking chlorine ingestion to breast cancer, as well.


    • Fluoride is added to protect against dental decay particularly in young children. Yet fluoride is also rat poison, can kill you in large quantities, damage your teeth and is also a known to placate populations and is also a carcinogen. Several recent studies have found that even adult exposures to flouride may result in central nervous system disturbances


  • Aluminium is added to our water supply to act as a flocculant, ironically to make the water look clearer. Aluminium is found to be one of the main causes of alzheimers,

Boron is also sometimes added and can adversely affect human reproduction and development.

Interesting that all these water additives help the UN’s agenda 21!

From Pipes

  • Water travels from the water treatment plants to your house through a network of pipes, including those in your own home, and some of these pipes may be well over 70 years old. These pipes can contain a range of contaminants which may enter our water supply. Among these are:

Dirt, Rust, Slime, Sand and Mud

  • These contaminants build up over a number of years and can cause the water to be dirty or worse. They can be particularly prevalent when pipes are accidentally broken or accessed for repairs and maintenance.

Copper and Lead

  • Copper and Lead can leach into the water supply from the copper pipes in your house and they have been identified as particularly dangerous to health.

Chlorine Resistant Parasites

  • There are a number of hard shelled protozoa which are resistant to chlorine disinfection. Cryptosporidium and Giardia have been discovered in domestic water supplies in Australia and they can cause immediate health problems if ingested.

Keep in mind that it is illegal to drink from tank water in our cities. Keep in mind that nowhere is the government wholly transparent and accountable as to what they put in our water. On the water corporations website they only talk about 2 minerals – though you can ‘call them’ to find out more. We the people are kept in the dark by our governments – purposefully. The only thing you can be sure with this corruption is our UN puppet governments will lie through their teeth to get the social re-engineering they want and that without your approval. Quadrant picks up on the elitism of the left

As one of the left’s main socialists Mann say; “Democracy relies on an understanding of the difference between those questions that involve the judgment of citizens and those where citizens have no alternative but to place their trust in those with expertise”. And you guessed it – those the left thinks has expertise are their elitist selves – they don’t ask you to trust them they tell you that you should because they think they know better. Look at the left’s crumbling global warming fraud – they told us ‘the debate is over’, ‘there is a scientific consensus’, we trust the IPCC’ when the reality is and was there was no debate and AGW is a pack of lies, there was no scientific consensus it was a fabricated mirage, the IPCC was anything but trustworthy. All AGW was and is is socialism hiding under a false cloak of environmentalism. If we have learnt anything about the left from AGW is that they cannot ever be trusted.

Clive Hamilton likewise has said The practices of democracy at times do not sit comfortably with the best advice of those most qualified and knowledgeable… This patronising, elitist twit likewise wants to tell us all, the people, that superior types like him know better and thats why democracy doesnt work. What Hamilton and his cohorts fail to realise is democracy is the people determining the future they want through governments that govern for and by the people. Thats why democracy is dead in Australia because those who rule in government, the ALP do so against the peoples will and only follow the advice of the UN, and those who the left thinks are more ‘knowledgeable and qualified‘. For democracy to be returned we need a transparent and accountable government – and with that an election now!

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7 Responses

  1. Gnome says:

    I think you should leave the alarmism to the warmists. Aluminium/alzheimers is more in their league anyway. Keep it real if you want to be heard.

    • twawki says:

      My point is there is no real validity to desalination plants except to further control the water ingredients of the people.Still a valid point.

  2. jefftfred says:

    Would this be more of “everything must have a price” part of Agenda 21, that leaves us with having to pay for desalinated water, which of course costs more than rain water and storage?
    After all, they have now put a price on carbon dioxide, after classifying it as a climate hazard.
    What’s next, Nitrogen ? Oh yeah, that’s been done already, another dreaded oxide – Nitrous.

    And this just puts a price on that other dreaded oxide – Di hydrogen oxide, the output of the desal plant.

    The aluminium / alzheimers link may be a bit tenuous, but then I’ve used stainless steel cooking pot for years – I’ve had my dose of Alzheimers years ago. LOL

    • twawki says:

      Well I think with carbon they have their bases covered as it is in everything. Problem for the ALP/Gillard is that whilst the rest of the world retreats then this fabian socialist government goes headlong into the political abyss

      And yeah Agenda 21 is insidious and its intent in everything they do

      Research clearly demonstrates abnormally high accumulations of aluminum within the brains of Alzheimer’s victims

  3. Me says:

    Chlorine is one of the major causes of objectionable taste, smell and odour in our drinking water.
    Chlorine has been identified as a potential carcinogen.


    This is true only if the water isn’t treated properly to start with.

    The main reason for using chlorine is because it is the most cost effective way to kill off harmfull pathogens. Also it is used as a way to maintain a reasonable safe pathogen free product at the end of the distribution system because you can test for a chlorine free residule.

    And with respect to pipes, lead is the bad one in older pipes as is was used to make pipes and later to seal pipes, but the newer pipes especially in distribution systems are mostly plastic, so now you have BPA to contend with.

    Fluoride, I don’t like it, don’t like to work with it, it serves no useful purpose in drinking water in terms of benefets. If the benefit is dental hygeine then brush your damn teeth more instead of drinking poison.

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