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ALP – Australia Losers Party

It seems the ALP despots and dictators in power have refused to govern Australia and instead have chosen to unconstitutionally rule the country for the UN.

UN socialist puppet Gillard couldn’t give a rat’s a** about the Australia, between her and comrade KRudd they are sending our wealth overseas as fast as they can. Andrew Bolt reports;

Already the Gillard Government is committed to:

doubling our foreign aid over the next five years to more than $8 billion.

introducing an emissions trading system that will send $57 billion a year overseas by 2050 to buy permits.

AUSTRALIA should contribute between $1.9 billion and $2.7 billion a year by 2020 to meet international commitments to help poor countries cope with climate change

And don’t forget that foreign power the UN gets 10% of all this – they must be rubbing their hands in glee. Oh and the other thing to remember is the world isn’t warming, the carbon tax with not reduce global temperatures or emissions, and the carbon tax will increase poverty and fuel poverty for many Australians.

In the meantime Bob Hawke has been doing the rounds selling the country to the middle east. Farmlandgrab reports;

FORMER Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, is leading a push to get Arabs to invest in Australian farmland as part of a long term food security strategy for oil-rich Gulf States

Don’t worry Bob about the long term food security strategy for Australia – as an ex PM of this country it’s really not your concern!

But then Labor does have a record of building infrastructure for our neighbours whilst ignoring Australia’s needs;

Paul Keating’s Mekong Bridge,

Gillard funds $500m for Islamic schools in Indonesia,

Meanwhile Australia infrastructure is crumbling. But don’t worry JuLIAR Gillard and KRudd are overseas pledging to save Europe. With the ALP charlatans of power Australia comes last.

Oh and don’t forget KRudd’s expensive bid for a UN seat.

Then there is also the issue of how boat people get privileges that most Australian’s now could only dream of. Freestatevoice reports the inequality in how the ALP treats Australian’s as trash and those overseas as princes;

BENEFITS               AGED PENSIONER                            ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS/REFUGEES

Weekly allowance   $253.00                                                       $472.50
Weekly Spouse allowance   $56.00                                          $472.50
Additional weekly hardship allowance   $0.00                   $145.00

TOTAL YEARLY BENEFIT $16,068.00                      $56,680.00

I might add and don’t forget the other benefits – free smokes, mobile phones, airfares, chefs, medicare. They can even now get reward points for other luxuries, simply by attending free lifestyle courses. I have one friend who came here under asylum and was also given a full household full of brand new furniture and appliances as well. Then there is the issue of asylum seeker violence that gets rewarded, but if you are an Australian step out of line and it’s jail for you.

Oh and then there’s Gillard constant bungling Malaysian deal! Whats another $5 million down the drain when billions have been squandered already.

Meanwhile the “OECD recently warned that Australia’s unemployment benefit was so low as to ”raise issues about its effectiveness” in enabling people to find work or study

Then there are the middle class Australians who do work hard but whose disposable income is lower than the unemployed because they get little benefits and often cannot afford holidays or new clothes. It seems fabian Gillard’s socialist dreams for this country are coming true. Penalise the hard workers and pay those who are neither workers nor Australian.

If there is anything about the Australian Labor Party it is the most un-Australian Party we have ever seen in this country’s history. Though come to think of it the ALP is probably not as un-Australian as the Greens but since these two are now joined at the hip now there’s probably no difference anyway.

Under the ALP we are seeing our wealth being transferred overseas at an ever increasing rate whilst our own get increasing neglect and fraudulent taxes. We see those in other countries enriched whilst our own are impoverished. And if you think this is bad – it is just the beginning under the ALP.

What’s next? Gillard’s gulag – as she and her comrades set up the green police to ensure you pay your green penances on time and in full to the government – otherwise excpect fines and jail. And to think many of us once voted for this failure of democracy called the ALP! Don’t worry JuLIAR and her gang of thieves will promise you anything and everything at the next election only to take it away again once they regain power. History shows the ALP rule not for Australia but for a foreign power – the UN. And if you thought there was a decent politician in the ALP – think again – not a single one of them has either the credibility or guts to cross the floor, stand up for Australian’s, get rid of this betrayer of the Australian people and give the Australian people a voice once again. Not a single Labor politician deserves to be ever re-elected again!

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8 Responses

  1. Jim Simpson says:

    Spot on – Impossible to argue otherwise!

    Indeed can I recommend to other readers here that they also spend a little time and money (only $4.99!) to purchase and download on-line a new book just released (13th Oct 2011) by investigative journalist Donna Laframboise, ‘The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert’. Source it from here http://nofrakkingconsensus.com/my-book/

    Engrossing stuff and long overdue. It exposes the UN IPCC as NOT the ‘golden standard’ as it’s oft portrayed by the EnviroNazi’s, but as a political organisation fraught with bias and flawed non-peer reviewed reports, many authored by GreenWash advocacy groups!

    Please read (only 123 pages) then forward it to as wider audience as you see fit, not least, those who believe that Climate Change is due to AGW. Absolute nonsense.

    Here’s a book review by the Canadian Financial Post http://opinion.financialpost.com/2011/10/21/peter-foster-a-thoroughly-political-body/

    Jim Simpson
    Climate Realists of Five Dock

    • twawki says:

      It amazes me how it takes an independent journalist to expose the lies of the IPCC whilst the mainstream press feign to them – but then it seems to be the way with most things. The old media seems to have little interest in the truth.

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  3. Dez says:

    THWAKI, I stumbled across your website while browsing the internet and recognise that your articles are quite a relevant point of view and have a legitimate standing. I understand there are definitely structural defects within the ALP and their position is quite tedious and has forced the implementation of unpopular taxes e.g. the Carbon Tax. However it must be recognised that the imposition of such taxes are not simply a result of party policy but as a result of the tedious position created by the last federal election, which if I might say as a politics graduate was completely lack luster with no real policy put forward by either party in fear of upsetting the media, or no dynamic leaders to swing the public. This allowed for the election of democrats and Greens who have damaged the democratic system and essentially become the primary power basis within the country. The ALP were able to use this situation to their favor and were forced to compromise to gain power, this lack of ability to compromise is the reason why the ALP are the government and not the coalition under the madman abbott. Furthermore it must be recognised with your continual references to aiding a European bailout and not spending the money in Australia, you must recognise that we live in a globalised international economy, if America sneezes Australia catches a cold, this same system applies to failures within the European system cause economic failures internationally. That much of international markets and international business is invested in Europe were it to fail it would lead to as a great a recession as what occurred in the early 20th century. furthermore your attacks on both the Hawke and Keating government may have some reasoning however it must be recognized that the economic reforms made during Keating’s time as treasure led to the strong economy we have today. Before these reforms Australia’s economy was a backward industrial graveyard. Furthermore Keating strengthened Australia’s economic ties to Asia and if it wasn’t for this we would not have built so rapidly and have been able to survive European and American recessions. Regarding your statement of the pay pensioners receive I also believe it to be disgusting however if the labor party attempted to improve this situation ou would have all the mad liberals at the other side of parliament jumping up and down about how much money Labor is wasting and and that they are going to send us to a recession. On the topic of being un-Australian give me a break, if you argue that implementing an unpopular tax is betraying the Australian people take a look at the coalition under Howard. Work Choices is one of the most unpopular policies brought in by a government in Australian history, it was the death of the Howard government. Australia has a strong history of unionism and work choices was simply an attempt to break the back of the Unions to benefit big business. It was an absolute joke and hurt the average Australian more than any tax implemented by the ALP. I’m sure I love Australia as much as you do but honestly you cannot crucify a party who is no better than their opposition as being un-australian. As a member of the ALP I can honestly say that the biggest problem with the party is leadership, particulary the fact the party is currently ran by a left wing faction member, Labor needs to return to the Golden age as seen under Hawke or Keating and honestly believe Rudd would do this, particularly as seen his government was able to steer us out of recession in 2008 the party under Rudd can clearly handle a crisis. Again hatts off to a well researched blog however I personally still feel you need to look at the whole picture.

    • twawki says:

      My gripe with the ALP is they no longer listen to the people. Gillard and Rudd are so hell bent on their UN policies and ambitions that Australia is left behind. Yes under Golden Sachs Turnbull we would have got the same but with Abbott at least he says no. The carbon tax scam will not reduce temps, will not reduce emissions, will not reduce our energy usage and instead will create huge big government and a massive transfer of wealth overseas. Additionally we are well on the way to a socialist state where those who dont work get rewarded and those who do work get penalised. At the point that the workers give up because there is little incentive to continue is the point we will see this great country fail all because of the carbon tax which is really climate communism.

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  5. agw nonsense says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Australians had the courage of the Greek ,Egyptian or Syrian people instead of bending over and wearing it up the arse

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