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Governor General not interested in Australian democracy

Well there is no surprises here as the ALP Bill Shorten’s mother in law puts it in writing.

Dear Mr McIntyre

I refer to your correspondence to the Governor-General.  Her Excellency has asked me to reply to you on her behalf.

I have taken note of your views.  However, in a parliamentary democracy, these are matters for the Parliament to resolve and it would be inappropriate for the Governor-General to intervene.

You may wish to bring your views to the attention of your elected representatives.

Yours sincerely

Mark Fraser OAM
Deputy Official Secretary to the Governor-General

Problem is Parliament and our elected representatives have absolutely no interest in resolving the issues raised, and so it seems with written confirmation neither does the GG. We no longer have government in Australia by and for the people, neither do we have a GG who is interested in representing Australians.

My original message to the GG below;

It would seem there is scarce an area that Labor’s carbon tax does not violate the law, the constitution, federalism or the will and well being of Australia and Australians. This carbon tax must be one of the most hideous and insidious voluminous pieces of legislation ever to be inflicted upon the Australian people, all done deceptively with grossly inadequate time for the people to respond. The carbon tax is a violation of peoples rights, a violation of good governance, a violation of the unalienable rights of the people, a violation of the constitution, a violation of federalism, a violation of justice and it should be withdrawn immediately. In its current form with the carbon tax the Gillard/Labor government have exceeded their powers under federal laws.

Even if Labors climate claims were true (which they are not) then the prudent, fair and reasonable action by a government would be to wait till such a time as climate theory is a lot more certain (and based on observation rather than models) and that Australia works in step with the rest of the world and not out of it.  The case for rushing through a poorly thought out and scantily supported useless, draconian and punitive tax has become a violation of common sense.

The carbon tax is a billion dollar exercise in futility. The whole reason for bringing in the carbon tax has been exposed as a sham when the impacts on global temperatures assuming the theory of AGW was true (when science shows it isnt) would be minuscule and it wont reduce our emissions.

The Governor General because of the illegality of the carbon tax bill has a sacred duty to the people of Australia to refuse assent to the carbon tax bill. As the Labor Government is acting illegally trying to bring the carbon tax in then the Governor General has a duty of care and obligation to the people to exercise her reserve powers and dismiss the government and call an election. If the Governor General is unable to represent the people of Australia then the Queen needs to dismiss the Governor General and appoint a Governor General more interested in the welfare and rights of
all Australians.

I wonder whether the Queen has any interest in democracy or the Australian people’s rights and freedoms!

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10 Responses

  1. Jim Simpson says:

    Well said Doug ! No surprises I guess in terms of the response you received from the G-G’s office, never the less, your ‘words’ have at the very least been recorded & clearly reflect what the vast majority of Australians also think!

    In the absence of anything else (civil disobedience?) the next Fed. Election can’t come soon enough. One can only hope they (the Green/Labor loonies) don’t do too much damage to our economy but I fear the worst!!

  2. bev says:

    As someone who lives far away I’m not sure my comment counts, however I feel the erosion of democracy of any country is cause for alarm. What has been done in Australia can and will be done elsewhere if not stopped. Governments must return to the control of the people not big business if offshore interests,. I’m not sure how this could be done, but I’m sure it can be.

    • twawki says:

      Yeah Bev the UN puppets will now use Gillard and the ALP’s appalling actions as a way to put pressure on other countries. And yes your comments count for a lot 🙂

  3. Deadman says:

    The Federal Parliament, according to the first two sections of the Australian Constitution, is tripartite, consisting of the Governor-General, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. For a representative of the G-G to say that one third of Parliament has nothing to do with the functioning of Parliament is bizarrely ignorant.

    • twawki says:

      And totally wrong. Thanks for your advice. Subsequently I have responded to the G-G as follows;

      Mr Fraser

      Subject: Website Contact Request: Response to the Select Committee on Australia’s clean energy

      Further to your email response to me at 680phs@gmail.com on Tuesday the 8th of November 2011 I wish to state that the Federal Parliament, according to the first two sections of the Australian Constitution, is tripartite, consisting of the Governor-General, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. For a you, a representative of the G-G to say that one third of Parliament has nothing to do with the functioning of Parliament is ignorant and wrong. The G-G has a duty to uphold. As an Australian citizen I demand that she uphold her duty as the Australian Constitution and the law requires and put a halt to the unconstitutional and illegal carbon tax.


      Doug McIntyre

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  5. Fred James says:

    The Queen Has Refused To Intervene To Help Australians In This Treasonous Carbon Dioxide (Plant Food) Tax Fraud Being Perpertrated By This Communist Gillard “Government” !!!!!!!!

    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, our constitutional monarch,
    has responded to the letter sent to her in October by David John Walter,
    on behalf of the people in his cases and the greater community of the
    People of the Commonwealth of Australia.
    She has refused to help us.
    Attached is the letter David Walter received.
    Mr Walter has been forwarding information, questions and requests for
    assistance to Her Majesty for over 2 years now. He has addressed his
    letters to the Queen who holds our common law and constitution, and at
    all times, the replies have returned from the corporate queen. He further
    asked the queen to reply with her own signature, so the People would
    know the reply came from her.
    She will not help us and the reply came from a secretary.
    What do we do now to recover our Constitution? To recover our civil and
    political rights?
    In this country, as a Commonwealth, it looks like there is nothing that can
    be done.
    For copies of all the data that was sent to the queen, please go to

    24th October, 2011
    Dear Mr Walker,
    I acknowledge receipt of the recent correspondence which you sent to The Queen. I can only reiterate, however that these are not matters in which Her Majestry, nor her government in the United Kinndom would intervene.
    Your papers will be kept in this office for a period of one month from today’s date after which they will be destroyed as we do not have the capacity to retain documentation for long period of time. Please let me know if you require the box of papers to be returned to you, and if so, I must ask that you arrange payment for the total cost of the postage in favour of The Keeper Of The Privy Purse
    Thank you for your attention in this matter.
    Yours sincerely
    Mrs Sonia Bonici
    Senior Correspondence Officer

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