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The wind farm lie

Reprinted with permission from crookwell.wordpress.com

Wind farms useless!

Even the monarchy is now admitting that wind farms are useless! The UK Telegraph reports on the Queens husband;

In a withering assault on the onshore wind turbine industry, the Duke said the farms were “a disgrace”.

He also criticised the industry’s reliance on subsidies from electricity customers, claimed wind farms would “never work” and accused people who support them of believing in a “fairy tale”.

It’s refreshing to see the eco elite finally agree with the rational and sane man and woman in the street. These over subsidised pieces of junk that ruin the landscape and kill huge amounts of rare and endangered birds should never have been put in let alone have taxpayers money squandered on them.

When wind farms often don’t run (when the wind doesn’t blow) it means no less coal fired power stations are being built; when projections for wind farm electricity generation are constantly exaggerated; when wind farms can cause a spike in power loads which causes other problems; when wind farms are detrimental to peoples health; when wind farms often have no clause for their removal; when most of the products involved in wind farms construction are not environmentally friendly – then this green wind farm madness must come to an end. The only people who seem to benefit from wind farms are the rent seekers who gorge themselves on the wind farm subsidies.

If the money wasted on the lie that wind farms are good for the environment was put into planting trees and repairing the landscape instead of destroying it with 40 story spinning towers we would be much, much better off.

The greatest scam of our age ; The big green lie ; 14,000 abandoned wind farms in USA ; Carbon pricing killing wind farms ; The disastrous wind farm reality ; Electromagnetic skull spasms ; Wind farm hell ; Wind energy killed a lot more Americans than nuclear ; Wind turbines devastate property values – average losses over 30% ; I feel very depressed, some days I could just curl up and cry

Wind farms do not provide large economic and job benefits ;



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  1. Ron Woomera says:

    In the state of South Australia there are more ‘Wind farms’ than any other state in the nation. Along the coast, they are to be seen just about everywhere. They cost a great deal to erect, having been imported from Europe, God knows why, along with the promise was of sustainable renewable power ‘when needed’.

    Well guess what ?

    When it ‘was needed’ as in the incredibly hot summer days they have in that state…not a single wind turbine was found to be working.

    Why ?

    Because as most meteorologists will testify hot weather produces increasingly still air. Still Air is a consequence of ‘Heat waves’ & is part of the reason that things get pretty hot, pretty quickly. High Pressure systems are laggards when it comes to moving air around. It is the ‘Cold fronts’ that generate the atmospheric ‘shove’. In this, relatively still air can persist for a fortnight or longer. And in all that time, not one wind turbine will have enough puff under its blades to create even one volt of electricity.

    Then to make matters worse, it was also discovered that even if the wind had been blowing with sufficient strength to turn the blades that the turbines themselves were actually ‘switched off’, to protect them from ‘heat overload’…

    The electronically governed thermostats within each unit, automatically switched off the generators, in the middle of the heat wave & with the consequence that :

    NO POWER was fed into the Grid.

    In the heat wave of 2009, over 30 older and frail pensioners lost their lives due to heat exhaustion because as a consequence, the power grid could not cope & rolling power shortages were enforced all over the city of Adelaide.

    I wouldn’t suggest anyone bet their life on it!!!!!!!!!!

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