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Abandoned wind

This week was the news that over 14,000 wind turbines have been abandoned. Well this is what some of them look like. Littering the landscape as huge rusty monoliths, examples of total green madness and climate communism they are anything but good for the environment.

As they break down there is potential for soil and water contaminants further degrading and destroying the environment. Lots more pictures and details click here. Then there is the lakes of toxic waste created in China from the manufacture of these turbines. It is utterly appalling.

Then there are the federal stats that show wind is in fact not less costly than coal. Coal is cheaper, more reliable at 84% of capacity, wind runs at only 34% of capacity and that intermittently so you still need the coal fired power stations as backup.

Then we get news from KRudds adviser that the carbon tax will do nothing to increase funding to renewables, but as we see with wind farms they are a failure as an option. The totalitarian green madness always comes back with failure and that at the expense of a countries prosperity. Utter madness. Only a watermelon government like the ALP would proceed.

As for global warming well that ended over a decade ago. In recent weeks some locations have experienced temperatures 39 – yes that’s thirty nine degrees COLDER than average. All to be expected when the sun is in a flunk and will be for some time. Rational and historical climate knowledge expects the cold but the UN and it’s puppet governments refused debate, refused to allow dissenting views and formed a hollow deceptive consensus on global warming. Shouldn’t criminals like that be in jail!

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5 Responses

  1. Michael Spencer says:

    Excellent! The more this nonsense is exposed the better.

    Now for sensible solutions, such as the urgent development of thorium nuclear power! (With its good ‘by-product’: the use of present nuclear waste as fuel for this new technology. Waste problem solved with clean energy produced, and all in one package.)

  2. Check out this local Saskatoon company. I think they have really discovered something here (if you have sun).


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