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If you thought wind farms were bad, then try wave farms

Ok so we see the futility of wind farms and how the only people they help are the rich who get massive government subsidies to put them in. For the rest of us wind farms are a blight on the landscape that run at around 20-30% capacity, don’t reduce fossil fuels, are made of toxic rare earth materials, kill protected wildlife and cause massive health problems for people.

Well here is some more geo engineering madness brought to you by governments drunk on the green kool aid and climate communism – they are wave farms.

The 600ft (200m) long Pelamis steel tubes with 4 generators inside with hundreds of gallons of hydraulic fluid forced through internal turbines by the motion of the sea. These monsters are placed in rows that cover square miles of ocean and are called wave farms. Bit ironic that the Greens who are so anti oil rigs will place thousands of these fossil fuel filled pods across pristine ocean with absolutely no problem – typical hypocrisy.

   Pretty cool huh – NO


Where else but green bankrupt California ; Greens leading the world in ocean junk ; Europeans looking at riding the wave of green stupidity ; Scotland wants to gloat over it’s green madness

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