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The ALP regulating corruption

It seems the socialist comrades at the ALP gulag are in full swing. In scenes out of history, like Hitlers Ministry of Propaganda, rather than behaving in a credible and professional manner that would bring praise, the ALP instead choose to continue to act corruptly, spin, spin, spin and now (since the spin and lies arnt working) try and make it illegal to criticise the government now with the implementation of heavy penalties.

With the carbon tax, if prices rise because of it then you cannot blame the government. If you do so the ALP will fine you excessively. GWPF reports;

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission issues warnings to businesses that they will face whopping fines of up to $1.1m if they blame the carbon tax for price rises“.

Labor have done their modelling to show price rises will be tiny, bit like the climate modelling that the global warming alarmists did. Crap in to give crap out – they will say whatever they want them to say. People being slugged with massive increases in electricity already see the lies of this government and how they are being impoverished by government lies.

Then there’s the ALP’s media inquiry – stacked with sympathisers whilst waging war on it’s opponents and free speech. And to think the fortress mentality of the left’s groupthink is that they can’t understand that most of the population do not agree with them, either that or they just don’t care and will abuse their positions of representation to implement their own elitist ideals that the people they are meant to represent don’t want.

But now it’s just not the fraudulent carbon tax policy that this corrupt ALP regime are making it illegal to be criticised for;

The Sunherald reports “Childcare centres that raise fees from January 1st and blame the federal government’s overhaul of the industry will be named and shamed“.

An inept Labor government, continuing it’s socialist restructuring of our society against the peoples will and it refuses to take the blame for anything. Yet look at this clanger;

The Australia Institute reports; “Under Gillard’s carbon tax Orica will receive a windfall of $13 million per year“.

Gee not only will the carbon tax not lower global temperatures, not reduce emissions but now it will handsomely reward our biggest polluters. Don’t worry Labor will insist it’s failed policies are not it’s fault. Boat people dying are not due to it’s policies of luring them here by sea, insulation deaths and house fires are not because of it’s maladministration of a stupid policy, BER buildings that don’t work are not because of it’s ineptness in implementing what should have been a straightforward policy with checks and balances.

How long before the ALP imprison those who point out it’s corruption?. Under the ALP politics has sunk to a new level in Australia, never before seen in this country. In trying to silence the critics of it’s abhorrent behaviour the ALP is simply acting like North Korea. Democracy is dead under Gillard, the people no longer matter and for that reason the people will no longer vote for it. RIP ALP.


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  1. Peter Wardle says:

    Spot on. I don’t know about Hitlers Ministry of Propaganda, but George Orwell, who hated totalitarianism, would turn in his grave. Do you know I never would have believed that I would see this kind of insanity in Australia since I immigrated from the UK at the age of twelve. I have seen a gradual erosion of liberties since then, but Labor has made a quantum leap in this direction. I think it will take a steely-nerved future government to reverse this trend.

    • twawki says:

      Well some of the people see the danger others are completely oblivious to it. My concern is that by the time most realise it will be too late. Labor this weekend have started parroting what most of us have said over recent years but it seems to be a parroting to placate with no intention of change.
      USA Holocaust Museum site states; Following the Nazi seizure of power in 1933, Hitler established a Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda headed by Joseph Goebbels. The Ministry’s aim was to ensure that the Nazi message was successfully communicated through art, music, theater, films, books, radio, educational materials, and the press. We see the Gillard government threatening the press, KRudd paying off the press, the Press Inquisition beginning, the Courts starting to penalise free speech. At the same time Gillard is on Junior Master Chef, the Arias, Womens Weekly etc the spin and the fabrication of a false reality about Gillard is criminal whilst her socialistic and fabian past is off limits.

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