The world as we know it

No separation of Green Church and State

Your future (left) under the ALP (Australian Labor Party).

It seems the Church of Green with it’s high priests and priestesses of global warming are firmly enmeshed in the state, in positions of power and consequently dictating government policy and direction whilst ignoring the opposing will of the populace.

Meanwhile the bastardisation of science by AGW (anthropogenic global warming – or man made global warming) continues as exposed by climategate. Climategate has shown that science can indeed be a religion and is becoming more so every day with AGW beliefs departing from reality. As day by day AGW claims are being exposed as lies, the world isn’t warming but cooling, release of emails between AGW scientists show most if not all of AGW is fabricated fraud and then the AGW propaganda pushed exposes the vested political and financial interests of the UN & it’s puppet governments, the government funded AGW gravy train, the huge waste and abuse of taxpayers funds on the AGW fraud (billions and billions of dollars so far).

The global warming fraud has modeled itself on the church with god being replaced by the planet and sins against god replaced with sins against mother earth. There has been the guilt trips and the penance, how we must pay for the sins against our grandchildren, and how the Green Church is teaching our children to hate us because of a supposed nightmare that day by day reality shows is unlikely. Sea levels arn’t rising at a greater rate, storms arn’t increasing, the earth isn’t burning up.

Yet despite the exposure of the fraud the Australian governments keeps pushing the lie and pushing ahead with a fraudulent carbon tax that will do nothing for the climate or emissions. Mega government departments are being created to scrutinise and penalise citizens who do not agree with the fraud,  The vilification of opponents, seen again with Craig Knowles calling opponents of  the governments idiocy as having extreme views. This is like ALP PM calling opponents to her tax as extremists. Controlling the fraudulent narrative has been very important part of the deception as has marginalising and discriminating against those of the populace who have chosen to speak up about it. Whilst other governments are sensibly backing off, this government is going full steam ahead with the green religions fraud.

So we now have a situation where there is no separation between the green church and state. Basic civil rights are being progressively removed by the ALP’s insistence of the green religion, it’s socialism desire for climate communism to rule every part of our lives. Whilst the constitution and federalism is being trashed, the ALP continues it’s imperialism with supposed impunity.

Scientific heresy ;

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  1. roberta4949 says:

    I always hate those things when they first started to pop up, they are ugly, nosiy and really a blog on the enviroment, and when I learned how much they cost, the damage they do to the enviroment in china and how unprofitable they were, I was like wow, what a bunch of liars.

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