The world as we know it

The Durban Disaster

It seems the climate communists at the global warming parade refuse to give up, like snake oil salesmen insisting their their fraud is legitimate. As the world wakes up to their lies, their proliferating NGO’s (non government organisations) continue to scam billions from sympathetic governments who in many cases get political donations in return. It’s called the money go-round. Not that different to charities who pay their directors obscene salaries whilst they publicly champion causes for the poor. Bit like Al Gores hundreds of millions in personal wealth, multitude of luxury houses, regular private jet flights whilst lecturing the rest of us we need to tighten our belts for the sake of the planet. Durban hopefully will be the ass of the global warming movement – never to be seen again as the world faces deepening cold, sea level rise deceleration and much more important, real and solvable problems than the global warming climate porn that has been shoved down our throats through a compliant media for decades..

Meanwhile red Gillard pushes ahead with her climate communism as the carbon commodities crash and burn, as the rest of the world runs the other way from Kyoto and any climate accord and as Australians protest against her fabian socialist wealth redistribution agenda. Never before have we had a PM and political party who’s allegiance is to a foreign power (the UN) and who so fight against the Australian people and what they want. Whilst our homeless die from cold in the streets, the ALP encourage boat people and then grants them luxuries many Australians could only dream of. Whilst our elderly die from cold in their beds the ALP implements its warming taxes in a cooling world and hikes up the cost of power. Whilst the ALP calls those who demonstrate against it – extremists, it works to shut down free speech and criticism of the government. Whilst the Climate Commissioner and many politicians enjoy their waterfront houses they are telling the rest of us we are going to drown from rising sea levels – well that’s what the government reports say even though observation and facts say the opposite.

The disconnect between the people and their so called representatives is nothing short of disgusting, appalling and criminal. The people are not getting the Australia they want and voted for but a debilitating, impoverishing destructive climate communism based on deceit, lies and outright fraud. Those in power are guilty of the greatest crimes against our nation and really should be in prison cells instead of in parliament! We need an election now so the people can have true leaders instead of wolves in sheep’s clothing!

(My apologies for the lack of posts lately as am not well).

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We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in. Thomas Paine

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