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Earth Government Implementation

Climategate 2 has lots of references to Germain Dufour and the Global issues. The Earth Government sees itself superseding the current global government- the UN as follows (from the Earth Government website);

Global political reform is therefore proposed in which all countries are represented by an Earth Government.

The United Nations (UN) has worked well over recent decades and its roll in shaping a post war world will be recorded in history as a great success.  However, the UN was only really meant to lay the foundations for much greater political and economic integration.  Current global problems faced by all human kind will never be solved by world institutions in their current form.

The vision is to reduce our political goverance to just a two tiered political system – one at a global level and one at a local level.

The first tier of government would see the current UN infrastructure of 196 countries, the World Bank, the Internation Monetary Fund, the European Union and other World organisations forming the foundation of the new Earth Government, with the existing post of UN Secretary General becoming the Earth President.  This role would become an elected position.  All nations on our planet would be represented equally and accountable to the Earth Government by Ambassadors, with no one country / national government having dominance. 

The second political tier would be based on a strong local structure of local people representing the communities they live in.  Decisions affecting localities will be decided by much greater electoral input and consultation.

So the ‘Earth Government’ with all it’s self appointed ‘messiahs’ decides all of this unanimously, without input from 99.9999% of the world’s population and then laughably goes on to say;

What we must remember is that a government must be frightened of its people, and not its people frightened of its government!”

A bit more digging n we find Gillards new carbon tax system under isnt that different to the earth government’s tax system;

A global Economic Policy will be put in place. There will be a Single Tax System, with no tax paid on income upto £15,000 UK pounds, and then a graded system at specific intervals. There will be 10% tax on £20,000, 11% on £21,000 12% on £22,000, 13% on £23,000, 14% on £24,000, 15% on £25,000 and so on“.

Oh it get’s better, everything in your life and future is thought of;

There will be a standard interest rate of between 2%-5% for saving and between 5%-8% for borrowing”.

There will be a single global currency, measured in Earth Credits“.

When there is only one government then there is only one enemy – the people!

An Earth Defence Force will replace all military resources of all national governments into one centralised command structure, under the control of a reformed Security Council.  There is no justification in one national government being stronger than any other.  Armed conflicts between national governments must never take place again.  All nuclear weapons are to become the responsibility of the Earth Government”

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We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in. Thomas Paine

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