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Self righteous do gooders doing much more harm than good

Was away with friends over christmas and got them interested in some of my books so took the opportunity to read one of theirs – Nomad by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. As an ex muslim from Africa she speaks with authority on the problems facing muslim people and has many worthwhile tings to say, Ayaan Hirsi Ali says in her book Nomad that

what comes packaged in a compassionate language of acceptance is really a cruel form of racism, And it is all the more cruel because it is expressed in the sugary words of virtue

As an ex muslim, she is speaking about how many in political circles in the west (typically of the left) seek to pander to Islams outdated brutal and indoctrinating faith, protecting it and enforcing it for those who come here practicing it. She says rather than encouraging new arrivals to assimilate, see that there is a better way to relate to one another, educated those who arrive with an enlightened view of the world – instead these do gooders actually reinforce the bad of Islam rather than the good of the West. The ultimate result is that Muslims who migrate to the west don’t assimilate, develop a victim and welfare mentality and seek to impose their rules on us. All round harmful and a disastrous outcome.

In a similiar way those do gooders who encourage boat people to come here by ocean only encourage many to die. The false compassion belies a failure to appreciate that encouraging people to take a perilous journey is not only madness but criminal. When hundreds have already perished at sea we should reinstate no entry regulations and stop this appalling and mad false compassion.


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  2. Gregoryno6 says:

    I read Tears Of The White Man by Pascal Bruckner, which was a surprising read for a couple of reasons.
    One, it’s now nearly thirty years old, but Bruckner could have been writing about today. Also, Bruckner is French. So he doesn’t quite fit P J O’Rourke’s description of France as the butt end of the moral compass.

  3. Sometimes it seems as though it is part of a grand design, to further make divisions among people, so as to conquer more easily.

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