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Another green debacle in the making by the unnacountable

Recent email correspondence. My apologies for the lack of posts but have had personal issues to attend to. Have been tweeting a bit – twawki on twitter

Mr Doug McIntyre


Dear Mr McIntyre

I am writing to you about the impending release by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (the Authority) of the draft Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Given your past interest in the Guide to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, I am writing to advise you that the Authority is intending to release the draft Basin Plan for public comment on Monday, 28 November 2011.

The Authority has decided to undertake public consultation on the draft Basin Plan over an extended 20 week period. Any interested person or organisation is able to provide written feedback to the Authority during this consultation period. The Authority will consider all submissions received and, prior to submitting a final plan to the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, the Hon Tony Burke MP, will prepare and publish a document that summarises how public submissions received were taken into account.

I encourage you to participate in the consultation process and to use this important opportunity to provide feedback directly to the Authority. The draft Basin Plan will be available on the Authority’s website at: www.mdba.gov.au. Further information about how you can contribute can be found at that website, including instructions for electronic submissions.

Yours sincerely

David Parker

Deputy Secretary

22 November 2011

My response as follows;


I wish to applaud you on giving the public adequate time to comment and respond to the Murray Darling Basin Plan. The question needs to be asked why the same amount of adequate time was not given to the Australian people to comment on the Carbon tax? Instead we were given a grossly insufficient and paltry 8 days – not even enough time to read the 11,000 pages, let alone formulate an opinion and educated response. I guess that’s why there are complaints against the government for that with the Human Rights Commission.

As we are all witnessing the world is now cooling – and not warming. The government’s insistence on the unproven AGW theory that is now at odds with climate reality is shaping up to become a hotbed for liability and recrimination for those who push it particularly as the underlying data for AGW is now shown to be mostly fraudulent. It would seem the climate reality that we are facing (cold PDO, more prevalent and stronger La Ninas, low sunspot activity) – at least for the next 2-3 decades – if not longer – is that of a cold and wet climate. Climate history would also support this view.

Within this cold wet future the Murray Darling Basin Plan shapes up simply as a joke. Why are we trying to force restricted water allocations on farmers when the main issue in the next two decades is going to be flooding. Wouldn’t it be sensible to let farmers take what is surplus whilst we are in surplus and that can help mitigate flooding – or is that too sensible?

I also think the views of Dr Marohasy need to be taken into account and that is Murray Darling is a barrier estuary. Any ‘solution’ that ignores this is not a solution at all, even politically expedient solutions.

Like many Australians I also object to the overarching influence of minority green groups who show they are more interested in activism and socialism than real concerns for the environment, whilst the bulk of the people are ignored. It is a travesty that the government is sidelining the majority voices of all the rural communities along the river whilst empowering the green lunatic fringe and that for non solutions. I like many others am also greatly concerned that most of our government policy for the environment no longer democratically comes form the Australian people but the UN. You as elected representatives are accountable to us – not a global governance body that we have no say in.

Wivenhoe Dam is a recent and very pertinent example and warning of government’s relying on the fraud of AGW and consequently causing billions of dollars damage and putting many innocent lives at risk. Unless the Murray Darling Basin Plan is changed to reflect a cold wet climate reality for a barrier estuary then realistically we can only expect the similiar damage and destruction. This is an utter failure of governance and an act of bastardisation on the community.


Doug McIntyre


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