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The ALP disaster – reaping what it has sown

The ALP has no one to blame for the destruction of their party but themselves. A bunch of no-hope misfits who are liars, frauds, spin doctors and egotists who pat themselves on the back at every opportunity but blame everyone else for their own shortcomings. The appalling groupthink inside this ALP bleeding hearts club of eco elitists who refused transparency, refused honesty, refused to listen to the people and then bribed their way into minority government power handing control of significant policy to extremist views like the greens has just been unbelievable, so much so that even diehard ALP voters utterly, utterly despise them.

And yet still we have Gillard in power who hasn’t been adequately investigated over the misappropriation of around a million dollars in funds, who threatens the media when they try and investigate, who has championed policies that continue to result in the deaths of many (insulation debacle, boat people deaths, fuel poverty from global warming fraud), who has literally squandered tens of billions of dollars on useless, wasteful decisions whilst raising her and her gang of thieves salaries and has ended up with a government that trashed Australian’s whilst rewarding those who would work against our good. Watching the snide, sneering Gillard, week after week as she refuses to answer questions, refuses to be accountable to the people, lies her way almost every time she opens her mouth is it any wonder that people despise her.

Then there is Krudd, the egotist with the sense of entitlement who wants ‘his’ job back, who wants a seat for himself on the UN global governance regardless of the monetary cost that Australian’s pay, whose wife benefits hugely from government contracts. Rudd couldn’t give a damn about anyone but himself, it is about his empire building, his ego and his profits. Who has his multimillion dollar house overlooking the ocean whilst he joins the charade of fraudulent global warmists claiming the ocean is rising when it is doing anything but.

Then there hiding in the wings is Shorten whose mother Queen Quentin is the Governor General – who wouldn’t give a rat’s …. about the country instead preferring to swan around in luxury, drunk on her title and ignoring the needs of this great country. While she lavishes in her self adoration her son orchestrates in ripping the ALP apart, only again because of his desperation for power and leadership.

Every where you look with the ALP there is the stench of spin, lies, fraud and corruption. Incompetent lying Swan, Gay Wong who wont support same sex marriage, activist Garret who now does what he used to criticise others of etc are no better. Unbelievably when a single credible honest elected member of the ALP over the last 4 years could have put an end to this mess, not one of the gutless, cowardly, self seeking morons that are in government had the integrity to do it. And so they will reap what they so and hopefully none of them will ever be electable again!

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We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in. Thomas Paine

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