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Will Flannery Flood?

Oh the irony of it all. Chief Climate Alarmist and Chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery whilst pontificating about permanent droughts and 8 story sea level rises bought a waterfront property on the Hawkesbury River. Within a few short years of his dire predictions dam levels in Sydney are not only almost maximum but ready to overflow and sea levels are dropping. With Flannery downstream from flood waters of Warragamba Dam the question is WILL FLANNERY FLOOD?.

A history of Hawkesbury River floods is here. Windsor Bridge is at a flood height of just under 7m. Keep in mind Warragamba Dam is a water supply dam and not a flood mitigation dam so when excess water comes it goes straight over the spillway. Warragamba is 92.1% full this morning with 7% daily inflows of around 140,700 megalitres of water. It is expected by this time tomorrow that Windsor Bridge will be flooded as rainfalls topping 300mm continue to hit the Warragamba catchment area. However Flannery who lives on the waterfront at Coba Point, may be too far downstream to have any significant impact on his dwelling 4-5 metres from the water. Coba Point has a 20-40 Foreshore Building line. Coba Point in on Berowra Creek – which Hornsby Council has an estuary management plan. The Australian Flood Study database links to lots of flood studies – has Flannery checked these?

Yep Flannery whilst he presides over an unscientific, factually incorrect sea level rise policy, sea levels are actually falling and ironically (yet again) the Flannery floods may be mitigated ever so slightly by falling sea levels.

Will Flannery save his home? dunno, advice is Flannery is in Germany atm doing a Christine Nixon. While the State has 75% of floods our chief climate commissioner is no where to be found. Rather than helping protect the state he’s protecting his own ass by hiding from the deluge from the media. Maybe whilst Flannery is in hiding Gillard could save his home since she is so hopeless at saving her government.

As the hashtag on twitter goes #sackflannerynow and #willflanneryflood?

Flood risks on the Hawkesbury Nepean ; Common sense abandoned by global warming lie ; Inevitability of a serious flood ; What flooding risk will people accept?

Interestingly whilst politically the global warming charade (permanent drought lie) has been implemented in State Government policy, flood mitigation work has been undertaken downstream of Warragamba Dam. Coincidence that this was subsequent to Flannery buying his home? Is there something Flannery isn’t telling us?

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3 Responses

  1. Rod says:

    People like Flannery and the Labour government should be held accountable for the tremendous grief that they inflict on the Australian people as a result of poor science and alarmist theories.

    • Reg says:

      I FULLY AGREE, AND ALL GOVERNMENT PENSIONS AND BENEFITS TO POLITICIANS THAT HAVE FAILED THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE SHOULD BE FORFEITED, And furthermore, they should be made to pay back all losses that they have caused in the process of their bad handling of government.

  2. Brian H says:

    Hah! Is all his Tim-Flammary coming home to roost?

    There’s wrong, not even wrong, and Tim-flammery.

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