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Joke of the day – hilarious

Seems the ALP has a sense of humour after all!

Check it out yourself at ;


Some questions you might like to ask her;

With previous work for Slater & Gordon with regards her ex boyfriend;

Why no client identification?

Why no deed of incorporation on file?

Why no client risk & objective profile?

Why no authorisation from the AWU Trustee?

Why done in secret from partners?

Why couldnt you rule out to your partners that you hadn’t personally profited from the situation?

And lots more

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2 Responses

  1. Brook says:

    “Prime Minister Gillard leads an accountable and open Government which welcomes your views and feed-back. You can ask the Prime Minister a question, give advice and pass on well-wishes here.”

    The first sentence contains three lies; the Gillard government is not accountable, not open and certainly does not welcome criticism in any form – if they did they wouldn’t be holding their media witch-hunt.

    The second sentence is laughable. The media have been asking Gillard serious questions for days about Slater & Gordon etc. and she hasn’t answered; why should the public expect any better response?

    And by the way, you don’t pass on “well-wishes”; the terms is not in the dictionary. Gillard’s speech is a disgrace so it’s no surprise her staff are unable to use correct English.

    • twawki says:

      There is nothing Gillard says that even resembles the truth or correct grammar, thats why you expose one of her lies & you start exposing them all

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