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McTernans rant

Says it all


Gillards advisor McTernan doesn’t like being taken to task on how protecting union rorting Gillard is destroying his fathers Labor & Union legacy. Hit a nerve John? The truth hurts. Funny, you don’t mind sliming innocent people!

And no John it wasn’t about your fathers behaviour but yours! Nothing like expletives from your mouth to further prove my point.

Update 6 – this is the original tweet that McTernan now seems to have deleted;

Update 7 application to have McTernand visa revoked


Update 5 on McTernan & how he rips off the Australian taxpayers like Gillard n her union mates did of union memers;


Update 1 – Do the feelings of the corrupt in power matter? Of late there has been indignation at Alan Jones comment about Julia Gillards father ‘dying of shame’. Yet Gillard is allowed to stonewall parliament & the Australian people about her previous involvement in AWU fraud involving ripping off union members funds & also convincing the Goldfield Fatal Accident & Death Fund to invest over a million dollars in her boyfriends fraudulent scams. When after 2 decades & millions of union members money still remains unrecovered & Howes & Shorten refuse to pursue it shows that the welfare of the ‘little people’ is inconsequential to those in power, yet somehow the feelings of the corrupt are meant to take pre-eminence. Furthermore through Gillard the lives of ordinary Australians are further impoverished through a fraudulent carbon tax that treasonously enriches a foreign power – the UN, who by the day creates new laws to undemocratically enslave us & remove our sovereign rights.

Hypocritically Gillard & her ALP have no problem smearing anyone with false accusations who try and hold them to account. Gillard smears happily married Abbott as a mysogynist when her own past is a train wreck of affairs, ruining marriages, boyfriends who are crooks, defending the indefensible Thomson etc. Emerson, Gillards ex has no problems with the vilest of rants. Roxon trashes the position of Attorney General with Abuse of process protecting Slipper whilst accusing his accuser. Anna Bourke the speaker this week demonstrated the most appalling bias of any speaker ever to sit in the chair of parliament. And yet while they trash our country, trash our esteemed positions meant for the most credible, the most honest and the most fair of us, we are meant to tip toe around their feelings. Give me a break.

If McTernan wants to publicly make out on twitter how proud he is to follow in his fathers footsteps who was a ALP & Union man, then it is fair game to hold McTernan to account & ask how can that be so when as Gillard’s Communication Manager he constantly spins smear to protect Gillard’s corrupt behaviour. The same Gillard who is accused of ripping off union members, who’s bare faced lies are seen daily in the media by the electorate, the same Gillard who refuses to be accountable to the people, who trashes the Westminster system of government, who said there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead and most appallingly the same Gillard who still sits on her throne after over 1000 boat people have been lured to their deaths by her own policies. Yet the same Gillard is the despot who ‘proud union & labor man’ Mcternan voraciously protects.

The wash up of all this is what is more important – the feelings of a corrupt leader or that leader being held accountable to the public they have a sacred duty to serve? I will always say, emphatically the latter. Gillard has the most powerful position in the nation, she is hardly a victim and she, like McTernan both need to get a spine, somehow find some morality & grow up. Neither are they celebrities, they are public servants who are meant to serve the public not rule over the public with every abuse of process they can find.

And for the record, yes Alan Jones I agree with you, even more so after the Gillard’s increasingly hysterical & sociopathic behavior this week – her behavior is utterly, utterly, utterly shameful. That the pack of ALP cowards she leads can’t produce a single MP who would put the well being of this great nation ahead of the corruption of their party shows that not a single one deserves re-election.


Update 2 Yes Andrew Bolt I get your point, but no I don’t agree with you. On many things I do, but if you defend freedom of the press yet somehow think that a persons feelings means they are above criticism then isn’t that a ‘slippery slope’.



Update 3 The fake moral outrage at Alan Jones comment was spurious. This is because Alan assumed Gillard’s father was an honorable man, like I assume McTernans father was the same. It was the appalling behavior of their children that was and is the issue.


β€œThe benevolent despot who sees herself as a shepherd of the people still demands from others the submissiveness of sheep” Eric Hoffer

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8 Responses

  1. Streetcred says:

    Appalling piece of filth, McTernan is … much better if he just F%#@ed off back from whence he came, we have enough filth filling the benches of the feral government as it is.

  2. susan says:

    Isn’t he an scottish import? why is he even here collecting huge pay packets to advise the witch! It’s because of him politics has sunk to an all time low with all this misogynist rot and filth files on everyone!

  3. Blackswan says:

    I agree with you. Bolt can’t have it both ways. McTurdman first mentioned his father as a proud Labor/Union man. It is a fair question to THEN ask ‘How proud would he be of a corruption cover-up?”

    Freedom of the Press is hardly ‘free’ if we are selective about what is permissable when people put their own family connections up for public acknowledgment.

    McTurdman’s foul-mouthed invective says more about him than his limited vocabularly. His work visa needs to be revoked and he should be sent packing whence he came. Gillard has more then enough homegrown foul-mouthed union thugs at her disposal than to pay megabucks to a jumped-up guttersnipe from industrial Scotland.

    • twawki says:

      I agree. It’s nonsensical for mcternan to claim a do his ALP & union history proud when his behaviour is to aid and abet crooked Gillard who was involved in fraud against unions & who is the greatest destroyer of the ALPs credibility

  4. jenni cummins says:

    McTernan wrote for his previous English pollie…..’the opposition has a problem with women, is sexist a misogynist’….Gillard uses this grubs speach to make out Abbott is this, same speech, what a set up, she is a man hater and he is the grubbiest of grubs. For Gillard to pretend thats how she really feels about Abbott, just as grubby. She has divided our country, is fabian and communist. She can go back with him….or straight past go….

  5. peter says:

    Excellent Article!!! Excellent to see someone sum up the truth about Australia’s corrupt criminal leader Juliar, scum of the southern hemisphere.

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